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Marshall Serious About Laverne & Shirley Remake

10th February 2010

PRETTY WOMAN director GARRY MARSHALL is taking JAMIE FOXX's advice and pushing forward with a movie remake of his hit TV sitcom LAVERNE & SHIRLEY with new best pals JESSICA BIEL and JENNIFER GARNER in...

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The Things They Say 15215

30th January 2010

"When you get Julia Roberts, many others come." Moviemaker GARRY MARSHALL on how he landed 18 major stars for his ensemble comedy Valentine's Day.

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The Things They Say 13603

27th September 2009

"I discovered TAYLOR LAUTNER ran track back in Minnesota. That's why I have him jumping hurdles in the movie." Director GARRY MARSHALL made the most of the Twilight star's athletic past in his new film...

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Valentine's Day Gets Even More Starry

31st July 2009

Moviemaker GARRY MARSHALL's romantic comedy VALENTINE'S DAY is fast becoming one of the most star-studded movies of all time, with JAMIE FOXX and QUEEN LATIFAH joining the cast.Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and Patrick Dempsey will...

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Lohan Took Marshall Out On The Town

19th March 2009

LINDSAY LOHAN treated veteran director GARRY MARSHALL to a night out in Hollywood to make amends for missing filming on their movie GEORGIA RULE. At Marshall's request, a studio executive reprimanded Lohan in a 2006 letter,...

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The Things They Say 5253

24th July 2007

"LINDSAY is at that age where she needs to be told, 'You can't throw everyone's world totally out of whack.'" GEORGIA RULE director GARRY MARSHALL believes his young star, LINDSAY LOHAN, should adopt a more...

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The Things They Say 5246

24th July 2007

"Of all the young actors who are running around, LINDSAY is the best actress by far. But she shouldn't be in the media more than the (Los Angeles) Lakers." Movie maker GARRY MARSHALL on his...

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Marshall Shocked By Lohan's Paparazzi Army

10th May 2007

Filmmaker GARRY MARSHALL will think twice about hiring Lindsay Lohan for any future films - because of the paparazzi army that accompanies her everywhere. The Georgia Rule director had no idea his young star would...

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Fisher, Ratner + Marshall Join Spielberg On The Lot

25th April 2007

STAR WARS icon CARRIE FISHER and movie moguls GARRY MARSHALL and BRETT RATNER will serve as judges on STEVEN SPIELBERG's new reality TV contest ON THE LOT. The trio will join director Jon Avnet as...

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Comedy Writer Belson Dies

13th October 2006

Emmy-winning comedy writer JERRY BELSON, famed for his work on THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW and THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, has died of cancer. He was 68. The much-loved "writer's writer" passed away at...

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Fonda And Lohan Team Up For Film

20th April 2006

Veteran actress JANE FONDA is teaming up with teen star LINDSAY LOHAN for the dark comedy GEORGIA RULE. The film will also star Oscar-nominated actress FELICITY HUFFMAN. The story centres on a rebellious young woman...

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Happy Days Musical Debuts With New Kid On The Block

11th February 2006

Classic TV comedy HAPPY DAYS has been turned into a stage musical starring former NEW KID ON THE BLOCK JOEY McINTYRE. McIntyre will resurrect ARTHUR 'FONZIE' FONZERELLI, the character originally brought to life by...

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Bar Mitzvah Comes Early For Spy Kids Star

9th July 2004

SPY KIDS star DARRYL SABARA has been given a taste of his bar mitzvah a year early in a new comedy. The youngster is bar mitzvahed in SCOTT MARSHALL's new movie LUCKY 13 -...

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Anne Hathaway Rejects Kissing Marathon

19th April 2004

Actress ANNE HATHAWAY was horrified when she learned she'd have to audition her love interest for THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT - because she was expected to kiss all 12 hopefuls. The 21-year-old...

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Host Of Stars Expected At Placido Domingo Show

6th May 2003

A host of Hollywood stars will turn out for an anticipated concert featuring PLACIDO DOMINGO. The PLACIDO DOMINGO + FRIENDS CONCERT will take place at Los Angeles' DOROTHY CHANDLER PAVILION on 13 May (03)...

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Garry Marshall Welcomes First Grandchild

16th April 2003

PRETTY WOMAN director GARRY MARSHALL has welcomed the birth of his very first grandchild. The film-maker's son, SCOTT MARSHALL, and wife ELISSA welcomed SAM JAMES MARSHALL on 1 April (03), who weighed 7 pounds,...

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