Gareth Pugh plans to cause ''disruption'' on his New York Fashion Week debut.

The British designer is taking his ''immersive live performance'' to New York after spending six years showing at Paris Fashion Week.

The 32-year-old fashionista revealed that he intends to shake up the New York fashion scene with his unusual catwalk show.

Talking to The New York Times, he said: ''There's a point at which old archetypes need to change. Fashion is very stuck in its ways, and I wanted to present something that would make people think, and maybe move the needle a bit.''

Gareth's planned Spring 2015 collection will include live dancers and video sections, while focusing more on ''image and inspiration'' than the actual clothes themselves.

He explained: ''I know this is a business, and we need to sell clothes, but it is also about image and inspiration, and sometimes a live show can miss the mark a bit. The lights go up, the model walks out, and you lose control of it. It's really important to not only communicate, 'This is a nice dress,' or, 'This is a cool trouser,' but to sell the dream.''

A former student at Central Saint Martins, Gareth graduated with a Masters from the famous fashion university in 2003. Talking about the late course director, Louise Wilson, he shared: ''[Louise] used to talk about the importance of how clothes are presented and how that had been lost, and everyone just did the same thing. This is a chance to change that.''

Gareth then quipped: ''I know it's a big risk and I'm worried. But I think it's good to light a fire under your bum every once in a while.''