Gareth Pugh has designed a portable bar for the Grey Goose Winter Ball.

The event helps raise money for Sir Elton John's AIDS Foundation and the bespoke design will be auctioned at the musician's annual ball on Saturday November 10, with all proceeds going to the charity.

Designer Gareth said: ''The brief was incredibly open, which for me was great. All I had to do was keep it small - small enough for it to sit comfortably in someone's home - and of course to leave some room in there for a bottle of vodka. I had complete free reign. I love how it unfolds from a simple understated solid black box, into different facets and compartments - it's very chic!''

Gareth said he decided to do the project because of the ''the tireless work and effort'' that Elton and husband David Furnish do to support AIDS awareness internationally.

He also revealed that once he got started on the bar, it all came naturally to him.

He told ''I actually always like to begin with a cube - it's like my natural starting point; my blank canvas if you like. How that evolves differs greatly from project to project and it's usually about evolving it outwards - exploding the shape. It just so happened that the cube was perfect for my bar idea, so it was then more about considering the space within the solid shape, and making that work on a practical level, which was definitely an interesting process.''