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Coltrane And Broadbent To Willow Away

22nd September 2004

British actors ROBBIE COLTRANE and JIM BROADBENT are being lined up to star in a big-budget BBC production of children's classic THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. HARRY POTTER star Coltrane and GANGS OF NEW...

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Posh Style Club Offers Images Of Sexy Stars

26th August 2004

Leery fans of stars in their underwear have a new website on their favourites list - thanks to the posh LONG ISLAND STAYLACE ASSOCIATION. The little known style group have trawled film archives to...

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Tarantino In Superior League To Scorsese

16th April 2004

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO dislikes the recent films of MARTIN SCORSESE - because they've lost their edge and have become "kind of geriatric". Tarantino is less than impressed with the GANGS OF NEW YORK...

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Scorsese Eyes Internal Affairs Remake

16th February 2004

Legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE is planning to remake Hong Kong movie INTERNAL AFFAIRS, with BRAD PITT in the lead role. The GANGS OF NEW YORK film-maker is in talks to bring the double-crossing crime...

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Kutcher Prepares For Battle With Sitcom Co-star

19th January 2004

Hollywood hunk ASHTON KUTCHER faces stiff competition when his new movie THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT opens on Friday (23JAN04) - from his THAT '70S SHOW co-star TOPHER GRACE. In the film, Kutcher, boyfriend of DEMI...

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Leo And Gisele To Marry In Brazil

5th January 2004

Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to marry his supermodel girlfriend GISELE BUNDCHEN in Brazil next year (04). Reports in Britain claim the GANGS OF NEW YORK actor, 28, and 23-year-old Gisele plan...

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David Hemmings Dies Aged 62

4th December 2003

British actor DAVID HEMMINGS has died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 62 while filming in Romania. Hemmings had just completed a day shooting new movie SAMANTHA'S CHILD when he collapsed...

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Scorsese Backs Statue Of Liberty Campaign

26th November 2003

Hollywood film-maker MARTIN SCORSESE has offered his talents to a new campaign to reopen New York's STATUE OF LIBERTY to the public. The GANGS OF NEW YORK director will produce and narrate a TV...

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Scarface Montana Tops Badass Poll

3rd November 2003

SCARFACE anti-hero TONY MONTANA has topped a new list of movie tough guys and girls - beating off TERMINATOR heroine SARAH CONNOR and BRUCE LEE's ENTER THE DRAGON action man. AL PACINO's cult mobster...

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Cameron's Zit Hell

11th September 2003

Actress CAMERON DIAZ has spoken out about the acne hell that plagues her life - and forces her to become phobic about germs. The 31-year-old CHARLIE'S ANGEL is well-known for her problem skin, which...

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Cameron Diaz Looks To Stay On As Top Earner

28th August 2003

LATEST: CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE star CAMERON DIAZ is determined to stay at the top of Hollywood's earning tree after breaking all the records to become the highest paid actress in Tinseltown. The 30-year-old...

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Tarantino Scared Of Kill Bill Cuts

18th July 2003

QUENTIN TARANTINO split new movie KILL BILL in two to stop studio bosses at MIRAMAX from forcing him to cut it. The PULP FICTION movie maker shocked Hollywood this week (begs14JUL03) by announcing the...

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Scorsese Signs Up For Sci-fi

10th July 2003

Legendary movie director MARTIN SCORSESE has signed up to executive produce a miniseries for the SCI-FI CHANNEL. THE TWELVE - which is set to air in 2005 and will run for at least six...

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Diaz Acne Attack Fears

2nd July 2003

CAMERON DIAZ was on the verge of pulling out of the CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE premiere in London last night (1JUL03) - because film bosses feared her acne would dominate photographs of the event....

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Diaz: We're All Charlie's Angels

16th June 2003

CAMERON DIAZ loved making her new CHARLIE'S ANGELS film - because it's all about female empowerment. The GANGS OF NEW YORK beauty re-teamed with pals DREW BARRYMORE and LUCY LIU to film hotly-tipped sequel...

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Weinstein: Christie Is Still The Best

22nd May 2003

Controversial producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN believes that modern female movie stars like KATE WINSLET just don't live up to older counterparts like JULIE CHRISTIE. The larger-than-life GANGS OF NEW YORK producer believes that the new...

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Statham Beefs It Up For Bouncer Blockbuster

30th April 2003

THE TRANSPORTER star JASON STATHAM is to head up a cast of British stars in a film about the world of bouncers. The project is the brainchild of former Liverpuddlian bouncer MARK YATES who...

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Soccer Girl Heads Off To Er

27th April 2003

The star of hit Brit flick BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM has landed a role in hit US TV drama ER. PARMINDER NAGRA famously rejected an arranged marriage to pursue a career in acting -...

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Scorsese Laughs About Perfectionist Image

24th April 2003

Movie-maker MARTIN SCORSESE is poking fun at his image as a perfectionist in a new commercial for credit card company AMERICAN EXPRESS. In the advertisements, the GANGS OF NEW YORK director critiques photographs he...

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Nicole Kidman Considers Katharine Hepburn

8th April 2003

Stunning actress NICOLE KIDMAN is poised to play Hollywood icon KATHARINE HEPBURN on the big screen. The OSCAR winning beauty, 35, is considering portraying the acting legend, who turns 96 next month (MAY03)....

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Scorsese. Listen To Moore

26th March 2003

Veteran film director MARTIN SCORSESE has pleaded with America to listen to the controversial out-bursts of documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE. Moore slammed American President GEORGE W BUSH, as well as his stance on war,...

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Scorsese.s Polanski Tribute

25th March 2003

MARTIN SCORSESE has paid gushing tribute to ROMAN POLANSKI - the man who pipped him to the post in the race for this year's Best Director Oscar. Polish-born POLANSKI stunned Hollywood by winning the...

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Stars Battle It Out For Best Actor Oscar

23rd March 2003

The Best Actor Award at tonight's OSCARS is one of the hardest to predict - according to speculators. Four past winners are this year up against THE PIANIST newcomer ADRIEN BRODY for the trophy....

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