The former Miss Venezuela and her estranged husband Thomas Henry Berry were killed during an attempted robbery last year (14), when a group of gunmen opened fire on their vehicle, which had broken down on a highway near the town of El Cambur, Venezuela.

The couple's five-year-old daughter was also shot during the attack, but she survived her gunshot wound.

Ten suspects were later arrested in connection with the crime, and Gerardo Jose Contreras Alvarez, also known as El Gato (The Cat), admitted his responsibility in both Spear and Berry's deaths during a recent trial.

Judges reached a verdict in his case on Tuesday (19May15), and handed him a 25-year sentence behind bars for homicide, robbery and attempted murder of a five-year-old child, according to local newspaper El Universal.

Last month (Apr15), two teenage boys were sentenced to four years in prison in connection with the murders. In September (14), three others pleaded guilty and were sentenced to serve 24 to 26 years behind bars, while four more suspects await trial.