We all love a viral video, don’t we? Psy’s Gangnam style was, of course, the first YouTube vid to reach a billion hits, but it doesn’t really count as a viral hit, as it’s a pop song.

Gallon Smashing, now there’s a viral. Sure it’s stupid; it kind of has to be to make it a viral video, but we predict big things for Gallon Smashing – the hard-falling, milk-wasting, supermarket-shocking, candid-camera waste of time that’s wasting everybody’s time… in a good way. It’s tremendous fun.

So just wait until people start uploading their own versions of Gallon Smashing, like they did with Harlem Shake, which lead to the once obscure, underground dance move originated from Harlem becoming one of the biggest videos in the world.

Fair warning, though, considering this prank involves destroying store property; it’s not advisable to start doing your own versions. Plus it’s a waste of milk. There’s your disclaimer.

The Shake probably still has some legs, with something like 4,000 individual versions being uploaded a day. It’s been so powerful, that as of this week, YouTube views are one of three metrics used to calculate the Hot 100 at Billboard magazine, which has shot Baauer's beat to the top spot. Here’s the top ten shakes;