Gail Kim and Robert Irvine give advice on their respective careers.

The TNA wrestler and her celebrity TV chef husband may be in different lines of work, but they still trust each other when it comes to offering helpful tips.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Gail said: ''Both of us are very supportive of each other in our careers.

''We both look to each other for advice ... I don't know if you've seen his show, but he is just incredible at what he does. And I admire that, so of course I respect his opinion.

''For him, it goes the same way - you know, he respects what I think and my advice ... Even though we're in both very different careers - we're both in television, we both travel a lot.''

While the 36-year-old grappler has noticed a trend of women in the industry striving to be ''strong, independent'' females, she enjoys having the 'Dinner: Impossible' star for support.

She added: ''It's funny for me 'cause if you ask any of the TNA Knockouts - or any women in wrestling, pretty much - it's kind of that 'we're these strong, independent women that don't need the help of any men'.

''And it's always kind of been that way. And I think until I met Robert, I needed a strong man to match my strong personality, and when I met him, I really respected everything about him. He really motivated me.''

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