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Bumbling Byrne Won Clumsy Prize

25th April 2007

GABRIEL BYRNE is such a clumsy actor he was once voted the "least competent" star on a film set. The Usual Suspects star was shooting Wah-Wah in Swaziland when he picked up the unflattering title...

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Byrne Still Digging Up The Past

22nd April 2007

GABRIEL BYRNE's archaeology background prepared him for life as a movie star - because acting is just like digging for treasure in a hole. The Irish star qualified as an archaeologist at university and worked...

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Catholic Background Gave Byrne An Edge As Tv Therapist

20th April 2007

Actor GABRIEL BYRNE called on his Catholic upbringing in Ireland to research his new TV role as a therapist - because it taught him how to listen. The Usual Suspects star boasts he is one...

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Byrne: 'New Yorkers Live In Fear'

16th April 2007

Movie star GABRIEL BYRNE insists a "pall of fear" still hangs over his adopted New York City as the sixth anniversary of 9/11 approaches. The Usual Suspects star has really started to notice the concern...

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Byrne Keeps Fighting For Irish Western

16th April 2007

Movie star GABRIEL BYRNE will fight for a planned Irish Magnificent Seven movie until his dying day after coming up with the idea over a drink with pal PIERCE BROSNAN. The two Irishmen have been...

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Byrne Touched By Irish Honour

16th April 2007

Actor GABRIEL BYRNE was overwhelmed with the honorary philosophy degree he received from Trinity College Dublin earlier this year (07) - after realising he was one of 300 greats. The Usual Suspects star was honoured...

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Byrne An Atheist Despite Religious Past

12th April 2007

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE does not believe in God, despite spending five years of his childhood in a seminary training to be a priest. The Stigmata star, who played the Devil in the film End...

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Brosnan Plans All-irish Western

17th March 2007

Movie star PIERCE BROSNAN has his sights set on making a new epic western full of his Irish friends. The former JAMES BOND star so enjoyed making post-American Civil War period movie SERAPHIM FALLS with...

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Byrne Joins Pacino And Stone With University Honour

20th February 2007

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE will join the ranks of Hollywood heavyweights AL PACINO and OLIVER STONE when he's awarded one of Trinity College, Dublin's highest accolades. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star will pick up an Honorary...

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Byrne Denounces Irish Roots

13th November 2006

GABRIEL BYRNE is turning his back on his Irish upbringing after spending the last two decades acting in the US. The Dublin-born THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, 56, considers himself an American of Irish descent, and...

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Byrne: Available For Films Anywhere

20th July 2006

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE is prepared to make movies anywhere at anytime, because being a European actor makes it harder to find work. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, 56, has recently filmed movies in Australia and...

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Bryne's Nine Lives

20th July 2006

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE is amazed he's still alive, after narrowly escaping death on five occasions. The ENDS OF DAYS star experienced two near misses during filming of JINDABYNE in Australia, and also repeatedly ran...

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The Things They Say 2432

12th July 2006

"Think about that. They both die in that movie ..." KEVIN SPACEY ridicules rumours that he will star alongside GABRIEL BYRNE and BENICIO DEL TORO in a sequel to THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

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Barkin 'Receives $20 Million In Divorce'

23rd February 2006

Hollywood actress ELLEN BARKIN reportedly received $20 million (GBP11.7 million) in her quickie divorce from billionaire RON PERELMAN. The Revlon boss, 62, and the SEA OF LOVE star, 51, reportedly ended their marriage on...

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Perelman And Barkin 'Split'?

20th January 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN and Revlon boss RON PERELMAN have reportedly split after five years of marriage. The New York Post reports the billionaire tycoon, 62, served the 51-year-old film star divorce papers at their...

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Fascinating Fact 693

21st December 2005

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE is showing off his photographing skills as part of a new charity exhibit at New York University's Gluckman House. The UNICEF show features photographs Byrne has taken of children around the...

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Nixon Signed Byrne's Cigarette Packet

9th June 2005

One of Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE's most prized possessions is a cigarette packet signed by former US President RICHARD NIXON. The USUAL SUSPECTS star, 55, and his ex-wife ELLEN BARKIN were watching a baseball...

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Byrne's Brando Regrets

8th June 2005

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE always regrets he didn't spend more time getting to know MARLON BRANDO, especially after learning the late movie legend spoke often about their meeting. On Australian TV show ENOUGH ROPE...

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Byrne Heading Back To Broadway

10th May 2005

Actor GABRIEL BYRNE will return to his Irish roots to star in a new Broadway, New York, production of EUGENE O'NEILL's A TOUCH OF THE POET. In the play, Dublin native Byrne will play...

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Jackman Enjoys Being A House Husband

18th March 2005

X-MEN hunk HUGH JACKMAN is relishing taking a break from Hollywood to look after his son OSCAR in the Australian outback, while his wife DEBORRA-LEE FURNESS pursues her acting career. Furness is currently working...

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Byrne Holds Breathe For Jekyll And Hyde Role

31st January 2005

GABRIEL BYRNE's dream to bring an adaptation of DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE to the big screen is in financial crisis - 11 years after the Irish actor first pitched the project to director NICOLAS...

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Byrne Discovered Looks At Late Age

7th December 2004

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE was raised by such a strict Catholic family, he was unaware of his physical appearance until he reached adulthood. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star was instructed by his parents to ignore...

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The Usual Suspects Sequel In The Pipeline

19th November 2004

Film bosses are moving ahead with plans to make a sequel to THE USUAL SUSPECTS - nine years after the first movie hit screens. The 1995 classic, which starred STEPHEN BALDWIN, BENICIO DEL TORO,...

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Barkin + Perelman Split

28th April 2004

Hollywood actress ELLEN BARKIN is on the verge splitting from her husband, REVLON boss RON PERELMAN. The couple have decided to separate after been married for almost four years, according to the NEW YORK...

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Romijn-stamos Attacked By Photographer

19th April 2004

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS was left in tears on Wednesday night (14APR04) after an aggressive photographer verbally attacked her for refusing to pose for shots. The X-MEN beauty, who announced the end of her marriage...

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Byrne Takes Landlord To Court

16th December 2003

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE is taking his former New York landlord to court in a bid to get his $30,000 (GBP17,650) security deposit back. The movie star lived in the townhouse from 2001 until...

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Bloom To Star With Byrne + Paxton

6th November 2003

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL hunk ORLANDO BLOOM is set to star alongside GABRIEL BYRNE and BILL PAXTON in a new crime drama. HAVEN sees Bloom's character slowly falling...

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Harry Potter Helps Little Harris

23rd September 2003

HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE has been giving advice to youngster ELLA HARRIS, the granddaughter of his late legendary co-star RICHARD HARRIS. The 14-year-old movie star attended a family memorial for Harris, who played...

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