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Halle Berry Stung For $16k A Month Child Support After Lawsuit

By Lauren James | 10th June 2014

Halle Berry has been ordered to pay her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month in child support. A Los Angeles court told the actress she must pay the Canadian model the substantial monthly sum to...

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As 3 Month Anniversary Looms, Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez Welcome First Child

By Lauren James | 7th October 2013

Actress Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez have finally welcomed the birth of their first child, a son, last Saturday (5th October), a representative confirmed via Sky News. Berry is said to have given...

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Wedding Week: Halle Berry Marries Olivier Martinez Whilst Jimmy Kimmel Weds Molly Mcnearey

By Elinor Cosgrave | 15th July 2013

Halle Berry married Olivier Martinez this weekend, according to reports in E! The ceremony appears to have taken place at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France. Photographs of guests arriving at the ceremony and...

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Halle Berry Marries Olivier Martinez In Secret French Chateau Ceremony

By Lauren James | 14th July 2013

The rumours were true! An expectant Halle Berry has wed French actor Olivier Martinez after being snapped catching a departing flight on Wednesday with Berry's daughter Nahla in tow. The couple reportedly had wanted to...

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Will Expectant Halle Berry Wed Olivier Martinez This Weekend?

By Lauren James | 11th July 2013

Actress Halle Berry is rumoured to be getting hitched to her fiancé, French actor Olivier Martinez, this very weekend! According to E! News, the couple, along with Halle's daughter Nahla, were spotted leaving LAX airport...

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Pregnant Halle Berry Treated To Mother's Day Meal By Nahla And Olivier

By Michael West | 14th May 2013

A glowing Halle Berry headed out into the West Hollywood on Sunday (May 12, 2013) for a Mother's Day meal with fiance Olivier Martinez and 5-year-old daughter Nahla. The X-Men: Days of Future Past actress...

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Halle Berry, 46, 'Feels Fantastic' After Announcing Pregnancy

By Michael West | 9th April 2013

Halle Berry says she "feels fantastic" after discovering she is to become a mother for the second time at 46. The Oscar-winning actress and fiance Olivier Martinez are expecting their first child together, which the...

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Gabriel Aubry Gets To See His Daughter Again

By Lorna Greville  | 1st December 2012

It's been a tough week for everyone surrounding Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla. On Thanksgiving last Thursday (Nov. 22nd) Berry's current fiancee Olivier Martinez and, her ex, father of Nahla, Gabriel Aubry, had a...

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Have Halle Berry's Warring Men Come To An Agreement?

By Contributor | 30th November 2012

It’s been ugly for all parties concerned, but it looks like Halle Berry’s unruly men have finally started to settle their differences. If you haven’t been following this story, then consider the following a lesson...

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Gabriel Aubry And Olivier Martinez Shake Hands And Move On?

By Michael West | 30th November 2012

Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez have reportedly reached a truce over their violent clash on Thanksgiving last week. The pair brawled on Halle Berry's driveway, with Aubry taking a bit of a beating.Aubry - a...

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Halle Berry's Up For Sale In The Aftermath Of Gabriel Aubry V Olivier Martinez

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th November 2012

What a week for Halle Berry; her fiance Olivier Martinez beat ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to a bloody pulp outside her front door - a front door that will soon belong to someone else, as TMZ...

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Police Report Blames Gabriel Aubry For Bust-up With Olivier Martinez (Halle Berry’S Man)

By Hayley Avron | 29th November 2012

Gabriel Aubry might have come off worse in his fight against Olivier Martinez and he might be claiming that he was the victim in the brawl but the police report pertaining to the incident suggests...

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A Week In News Feat: Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez, Chris Brown, Angus T. Jones, Rihanna, Adele, Brad Pitt And More!

By Michael West | 28th November 2012

Wild Berries: Halle Berry had her Thanksgiving pretty much ruined last week by boyfriend Olivier Martinez and ex-beau Gabriel Aubry, who thought it a decent idea to start punching the lights out of each another...

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Cheer Up Gabriel Aubry, At Least You're Not Getting Charged

By Michael West | 28th November 2012

Gabriel Aubry is probably feeling pretty good about himself today. Sure, he still can't open his right eye after an epic beat-down at the hands of Olivier Martinez, but at least he isn't getting charged...

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Worst Celebrity Custody Disputes: Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Vs. Gabriel Aubry

By Lorna Greville  | 27th November 2012

Halle Berry's current fiancee, Olivier Martinez, and he ex-beau and father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry had an enormous fight last Thursday (22nd Nov. 2012), Thanksgiving, of all days, which left both men in hospital...

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Gabriel Aubry Versus Olivier Martinez: Can You Guess Who Won Now?

By Michael West | 27th November 2012

Gabriel Aubry definitely did not win his Thanksgiving Day fight with Halle Berry's current boyfriend Olivier Martinez, that's for sure. Though early reports suggested a pretty equal battle - with Aubry said to have landed...

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Tables Turn On Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez And Halle Berry Bust-up

By Hayley Avron | 27th November 2012

Are the tables starting to turn on the Gabriel Aubry / Olivier Martinez Thanksgiving bust-up story? Until now, it was widely believed that Aubry was at the cause of the violent scuffle, which took place...

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Halle Berry's Strife: One Family, Two Restraining Orders.

By Lorna Greville  | 26th November 2012

Last week Halle Berry's fiancee (Olivier Martinez) and ex-partner (Gabriel Aubry), the father of her daughter Nahla, had a massive fight which left both men in hospital, and briefly in jail. The following day it...

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Thanksgiving Brawl Leaves Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's Ex) With Black Eye

By Hayley Avron | 26th November 2012

Been wondering how Gabriel Aubry’s bearing up after he got smacked in the face by Olivier Martinez last week (in retaliation, we might add)? Well, wonder no longer. He’s looking pretty rough. Halle Berry’s ex...

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Will Halle Berry Get Long-term Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

By Hayley Avron | 25th November 2012

“We have to move on.” These, it would seem, were the words – spoken by Halle Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez – that caused her ex-partner Gabriel Aubry to fly into a rage and assault Martinez...

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Halle Berry Fight Lands Ex In Jail

By Joe Wilde | 24th November 2012

Halle Berry may not have been directly involved in it, buy its her name that will get dragged through the mud the most as a result of the brawl involving her ex Gabriel Aubry and...

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A Bad Thanksgiving For Halle Berry's Boys

By Lorna Greville  | 24th November 2012

When Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, dropped their daughter Nahla back to the actress's home no one quite expected what an explosive task it would be. Custodian battles are always fierce, personal and unpleasant, and...

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The Halle Berry Fight: What Was That All About?

By Lorna Greville  | 23rd November 2012

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving thanks, not throwing punches. Unfortunately, the holidays bring the worst out of all families, whether you're stinking rich and famous, or one of us mere mortals.For...

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Halle Berry's Ex Takes A Beating From Olivier Martinez, And Gets Charged For It Too!

By Joe Wilde | 23rd November 2012

Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry apparently came to blows over Thanksgiving dinner at Halle Berry's home yesterday (Nov 22), with the two love rivals playing fisticuffs with each other after a heated argument got nasty.According...

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Fight Night: Olivier Martinez Leaves Gabriel Aubry Unconscious At Halle Berry's Home?

By Michael West | 23rd November 2012

Wow, Halle Berry certainly had an eventful thanksgiving. The Hollywood star was forced to stand back and watch as the father of her child Gabriel Aubry brawled with current squeeze Olivier Martinez at her Los...

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Halle Berry Fight? Well, Gabriel Aubry And Olivier Martinez Were Throwing The Punches

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd November 2012

Does Halle Berry fight? We don't know, but her ex Gabriel Aurby certainly does, and he's been brawling with her current fiance Olivier Martinez, TMZ reports.Both Aubry and Martinez were hospitalized after a fight that...

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