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You guys are funny! Get your facts straight before you publish them.The so called Prince von Anhalt is certainly not a spawn of Hungarian Aristocrats.He was born in the middle 40is, by the name of Hans Lichtenberg, in a little village in Rheinland Pfalz.Instead of becoming the village idiot he decided to become a con man, with his playground being the high burg of chiceria life - Munich.There the biggest scumbag of the decade, "Consul" Weyer, famous for buying and selling titles to, wanna-be-noble, clients, brokered a deal for little Hansel. The stars were aligned perfectly.The very broke and old Princess von Anhalt, long since disowned by her family for her eccentric lifestyle, needed money, a lot of money - Hansi needed a title. So Her Highness adopted Hans Lichtenberg, legal and righteous.Hans became Frederic (huh?) got the title but never the nod of approval from the real Dukes von Sachsen Anhalt. In Germnay at the time he was some sort of laughing stock. So he set his clever eyes on the US.He literally proposed to Zsa-Zsa Gabor in a letter. Offering her his name if she married him. Our delicious Zsa-Zsa, probably the last real Courtesan in this century knew a good deal when she saw it and married Hans, oops 'Prince' Frederic.. And that my friends is the real story of a cunning and savvy male Cinderella.
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4 years 7 months ago
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