G-Eazy's new album will represent the ''next chapter'' of his life.

The 28-year-old musician - whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum - is gearing up to release his fifth studio album 'The Beautiful and Damned' later this year, and has said the music on the record will explore the ''yin and yang'' of his personality.

He said: ''This is the next chapter of Gerald. I think [the fans] know me well enough by now, so this is just the next chapter of my life. I'm further exploring my Gemini; you know, the duality and the split personality of who I am. That's 'The Beautiful and Damned'. There's multiple layers to the title and the concept of the album, but that's one of the better messages. I'm exploring that yin and yang of my personality.''

And the 'Me Myself and I' hitmaker admits he does feel the ''pressure'' of having to live up to his platinum selling 2015 record 'When It's Dark Out', but says he is ''inspired'' by the nerves.

He added: ''There's always pressure, you know? But that inspires me. It doesn't cripple me. I did 80 songs in six months for this album and we had a tough job slimming it down and coming up with the track list because I don't waste time. I don't go in the studio to make music that won't matter. I go in every night to try to make a point and make the best music that I can make.''

G-Eazy - who is in a relationship with fellow musician Lana Del Rey - is ''excited'' to share his studio venture with the world when it hits shelves in the Autumn.

He added to Billboard magazine: ''I'm excited to share this with the world, man. You know, when you're making an album, it's like exciting every night you make something new, but you're the only one who gets to hear it. The world doesn't get to experience it yet. So, right now, I'm just excited to get it out there and start sharing.''