Frieze is an arts event that is now in its 10th year. It is a celebration of art made before the turn of the 21st century, and particularly enjoys the melding and merging of different modes and genres of art to create new experiences for everyone that attends the event at London's Regent Park.

Although there have been an array of outlandish galleries and pieces of work held there in the past, this year is the first year to feature the blend of food and art at the event. Sam Clarke, from Moro's Restaurant, will be cooking up 'Roast Vermin with a side of Japanese Knotweed'.

Terms such as 'vermin' and 'weed' aren't the kind one would normally expect on a menu that can dish up food worthy of being called 'art', however Alistair Hudson, from Grizedale Arts who are fronting the food/art project said “The theme is around food and the use of food in society; food is a great leveller but we also wanted to explore the fetishisation of food. The chefs are all going to be cooking things that are very easily obtained and cheap, which will be set against the context of the super-wealth of the art world.”

Alistair goes on to say that Clarke will be utilising whatever he can find on the day to cook up a gourmet meal, “it could be something like Canada goose, Japanese knotweed and honey fungus.” Perhaps it's easy to miss the point here, but to set food against the 'fetishisation of food' and 'the super-wealth of the art world' with such glamorous sounding ingredients- Canadian, Japanese?- may not quite do the trick. Cook us up a 3 Michelin starred meal made solely from grass, treebark and pond water, and make it taste like heaven itself, and then perhaps the feat will seem like a genuine triumphant contrast, setting 'cheap' against 'super-wealth'. Either way, the entire idea and the event itself all seems very exciting. Frieze Arts Fair will be at Regent Park in London from 11th - 14th October 2012.