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Perry Turns Lisa's Nursery Into A Games Room

2nd October 2003

MATTHEW PERRY has turned FRIENDS co-star LISA KUDROW's former nursery into a games room so he can play in between takes. The actress gave up her nursery at the end of the show's last...

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Selma Blair Gets Engaged

1st October 2003

CRUEL INTENTIONS beauty SELMA BLAIR has got engaged to her rocker boyfriend AHMET ZAPPA after a whirlwind romance. The raven-haired movie star - who previously dated FRIENDS hunk MATTHEW PERRY - was delighted when...

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Aniston's Quick Demands Rubbished

30th September 2003

JENNIFER ANISTON's representatives are vehemently denying filming on the final series of FRIENDS is being rushed to appease the actress, following allegations she ordered production chiefs to "accelerate" the process. According to New York...

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Rachel And Joey Won't Last

30th September 2003

Sitcom characters RACHEL GREEN and JOEY TRIBIANI's FRIENDS romance is doomed - and actress JENNIFER ANISTON can't wait for the kissing and making out to stop. The couple carried on their mismatched affair from...

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More Shocking Kisses

28th September 2003

Hollywood's kissing trend has reached new heights - now lesbians are locking lips with straight men! After MADONNA smooched BRITNEY SPEARS at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS and JOEY kissed ROSS on the season...

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Madonna + Britney Beaten By Jolie On Kiss List

26th September 2003

MADONNA's MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS smooch with BRITNEY SPEARS shocked the world but it's only number nine on a new list of outrageous celebrity kisses. American celebrity magazine IN TOUCH has named ANGELINA...

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Ross + Joey Kiss

26th September 2003

FRIENDS pals ROSS and JOEY got the final season of the hit sitcom underway on a shocking note - with a same sex-kiss. Just weeks after BRITNEY SPEARS and MADONNA shocked America with a...

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Leblanc's Wife Expecting?

25th September 2003

FRIENDS actor MATT LeBLANC has been spotted shopping for baby clothes - sparking reports he and new wife MELISSA McKNIGHT are expecting their first child. The hunky star, who wed McKnight in May (03), was...

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Hyde Pierce Envies Friends Cast's Youthful Look

24th September 2003

FRASIER star DAVID HYDE PIERCE was consumed with envy when he met the cast of sitcom FRIENDS at Sunday's (21SEP03) EMMY AWARDS - because they all looked so young. The 44-year-old actor admits seeing...

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Kristin Davis Shut Out Of Emmys

23rd September 2003

SEX AND THE CITY star KRISTIN DAVIS had a tough time at Sunday's (21SEP03) EMMY AWARDS - not only did she fail to nab a nomination, she was also shut out of the ceremony....

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Lisa Kudrow Set To Produce First Movie

21st September 2003

FRIENDS actress LISA KUDROW has signed up as executive producer for romantic comedy PICKING UP AND DROPPING OFF. The movie will be the first from the production company IS OR ISN'T ENTERTAINMENT, which Lisa...

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Jennifer Aniston Is A Good Friend To Matthew Perry

14th September 2003

FRIENDS beauty JENNIFER ANISTON has been assisting co-star MATTHEW PERRY in his quest to woo a mystery lady. The WHOLE NINE YARDS actor, who plays CHANDLER BING in the hit comedy series, met a...

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Britney Tops The Worst Dressed Poll

12th September 2003

Troubled popstar BRITNEY SPEARS has been dealt the ultimate embarrassment by America's PEOPLE magazine - she's been named one of the worst dressed celebrities. To make matters worse, Spears' ex lover JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's new...

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Leblanc's Icy Final Friends Series

10th September 2003

MATT LeBLANC is reportedly causing hostility on the set of the final series of hit comedy FRIENDS amongst his co-stars by focussing more on his spin-off show. The actor - who will be reprising...

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Kudrow's Happy Beach Birthday

9th September 2003

LISA KUDROW celebrated her 40th birthday in style on Saturday (06SEP03) with her FRIENDS friends. The actress rented out a Malibu, California, beach house for the big day and played host to castmates DAVID...

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Matt Leblanc To Be A Dad

7th September 2003

FRIENDS heart-throb MATT LEBLANC is set to be a dad - just four months after marrying sweetheart MELISSA McKNIGHT. Melissa, who became engaged to the JOEY actor in 1998, already has two children from...

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Britney Loves Jessica's Tv Show

5th September 2003

BRITNEY SPEARS is a huge fan of pop peer JESSICA SIMPSON's reality show NEWLYWEDS. The fly-on-the-wall look at Jessica's marriage to former 98 DEGREES star NICK LACHEY has joined SEX AND THE CITY and...

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Aniston Tops J.lo's Bottom

2nd September 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ has more than just her movie flop GIGLI to worry about - her much-hyped buttocks have lost out in popularity to JENNIFER ANISTON's. In a recent online survey, 1,750 Americans were asked...

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Kudrow: Husbands Are Sacred

26th August 2003

FRIENDS beauty LISA KUDROW has dished out plenty of relationship advice to co-stars JENNIFER ANISTON and COURTENEY COX - but never commented on their choice of husbands. The blonde actress - who plays kooky...

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Schwimmer Predicts Endless Tears On Friends Set

22nd August 2003

Actor DAVID SCHWIMMER predicts endless bawling now he and his co-stars have reunited to film the final series of their hit TV show FRIENDS. The hunky star, JENNIFER ANISTON, COURTENEY COX, MATT LeBLANC, LISA...

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Emmy For Simpsons Star

19th August 2003

THE SIMPSONS star HANK AZARIA has won his fourth EMMY award. The actor, who plays bartender MOE, police chief WIGGUM and shop keeper APU in the show, received his prize ahead of the...

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Courteney Cox: Dinner Party Hostess Extraordinaire

14th August 2003

FRIENDS beauty COURTENEY COX is famous for her amazing dinner parties - so now she holds them twice a week. The sexy actress - who is married to SCREAM co-star DAVID ARQUETTE - enjoys...

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Aniston's Much-needed Holiday

14th August 2003

FRIENDS beauty JENNIFER ANISTON has been left so exhausted by her punishing work schedule, she's decided to take a four month break. The gorgeous actress has filmed another season of her hit TV sitcom...

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Courteney And Brad's Holiday Home

13th August 2003

Hollywood chums BRAD PITT and COURTENEY COX are planning on building a holiday home for their superstar families. The FIGHT CLUB star, who is married to Cox's FRIENDS co-star JENNIFER ANISTON, has already spoken...

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Beyonce Is Desperate For Friends

12th August 2003

Pop sensation BEYONCE KNOWLES is urging the producers of FRIENDS to let her appear in the final ever show of the hit American comedy. The DESTINY'S CHILD singer is reportedly desperate to play a...

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Jennifer Aniston Mourns Rift With Mum

10th August 2003

FRIENDS babe JENNIFER ANISTON fears she may never heal the rift with her errant mother NANCY - who the actress has branded a "total bummer". Jennifer, who is trying to help dad JOHN revive...

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Leblanc Snares Friends Cameos

8th August 2003

MATT LeBLANC has lined up guest appearances from three of his FRIENDS co-stars for his new spin-off show - but JENNIFER ANISTON has reportedly turned the opportunity down. LeBlanc has scored his own show...

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Hurley Scores Another Movie Flop

6th August 2003

Actress ELIZABETH HURLEY is suffering the humiliation of being attached to another movie flop - which has so far bombed in her native Britain. DOUBLE WHAMMY has pulled a measly $40,000 (GBP25,000) in its...

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Lisa Kudrow Has Made Post-friends Plans

3rd August 2003

FRIENDS actress LISA KUDROW will feel a sense of loss when the long-running show ends next year (04) - so is planning to turn to writing to fill her days. The married star plays...

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David Schwimmer Worries About Losing Friends

1st August 2003

DAVID SCHWIMMER is worried about remaining typecast once TV series FRIENDS finishes next year (04). David - who plays geeky ROSS GELLER in the hit show - is reportedly concerned his movie career will...

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