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Movie Reviews A Thousand Words

9th March 2012

Except for the fact that his latest movie will almost certainly turn out to be a flop, Eddie Murphy emerges virtually unscathed from the scathing reviews that A Thousand Words is receiving. Michael Phillips in...

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Whitney Houston Owned Ginger Rogers' Dancing Shoes

29th February 2012

Whitney Houston's estate contains a pair of Ginger Rogers' dancing shoes personally signed by the screen icon.The late singer was a huge fan of classic Hollywood movies and like her godmother Aretha Franklin - who...

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Michael Jackson's Children To Immortalize His Footprints

26th January 2012

Michael Jackson is to have his foot print immortalised by his children in Los Angeles, with one of the late star's patented sequined gloves also being used to make an imprint of his hand.In what...

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Sir Paul Mccartney Prepares New Album

19th December 2011

Sir Paul McCartney is releasing an album of cover songs.The legendary Beatles musician has been planning to make a collection of his favourite standards for over 20 years, and finally decided "If I don't do...

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Dirty Dancing Remake Confirmed

9th August 2011

Kenny Ortega is to direct a 'Dirty Dancing' remake.The 'Michael Jackson's This Is It ' filmmaker - who choreographed the original 1987 production, which starred Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze - is "excited"...

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Rio Trivia

18th April 2011

Some tangled trivia The only other movie musical with "Rio" in its title was 1933's Flying Down to Rio, the film that first paired Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It was produced by Merian C....

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Justin Bieber Need's Mom's Dating Approval

2nd March 2011

Justin Bieber's mother has to approve his girlfriends.The singer - who is dating 18-year-old Disney star Selena Gomez - wouldn't want to enter a relationship with a "bad girl" because he knows his mom Pattie...

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Dancing With The Stars Sees Jennifer Grey Score Perfect 10s

9th November 2010

Last night's episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS saw actress JENNIFER GREY score three perfect 10's from the judges following her quickstep routine with partner DEREK HOUGH. Grey shot straight to the top of the...

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Music Video Counts 2 Million Viewers And 200,000 More Per Day

7th October 2010

A masterfully edited montage of dance scenes from some 40 movies set to Kenny Loggins's recording of "Footloose," has quickly gone viral on YouTube, moving past the 2-million mark on Wednesday as it currently collects...

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The Things They Say 12736

26th June 2009

"MICHAEL JACKSON was easily as influential as JAMES BROWN, and that's saying a lot. He was the FRED ASTAIRE of his time. Nobody moved like Michael, he was truly the King of Pop." Rocker ALICE...

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Fascinating Fact 5838

20th August 2008

Fashion designer KARL LAGERFELD has been given a hip-hop makeover to look like his favourite rapper LIL WAYNE for the September (08) issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. GIORGIO ARMANI also took part in the fantasy...

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Astaire Stunned By Jackson's Moonwalk

15th November 2007

Late dancing icon FRED ASTAIRE was so stunned by MICHAEL JACKSON's famous `moonwalk' at the Motown 25 concert in 1983 he called the pop superstar to congratulate him - and then stole one of his...

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Cowardly Lion Suit Sells For $700,000

15th December 2006

The cowardly lion costume from 1939 film THE WIZARD OF OZ has sold at auction for a staggering $700,000 (GBP357,000). The outfit, made from real lion fur and worn by actor BERT LAHR in the...

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Swayze Wanted To Remake Top Hat

11th October 2006

Hollywood heart-throb PATRICK SWAYZE has always dreamed of remaking 1935 classic TOP HAT as a tribute to his dancing icon GINGER ROGERS. The DIRTY DANCING star wanted to step into FRED ASTAIRE's shoes, but Rogers,...

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Director Garrison Dies

4th April 2005

Legendary TV director GREG GARRISON has died of pneumonia in his Los Angeles home. He was 81. After growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Garrison joined the Army Air Force during World War II...

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Miracle Of Childbirth Lies Behind Bjork's New Album

13th August 2004

Pop star BJORK has drawn inspiration from her experiences of pregnancy and childbirth for one particular track her upcoming album MEDULLA. The birth of daughter ISADORA - Bjork's first child with American artist...

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Jackman Wins Dance Award

1st June 2004

Hollywood star HUGH JACKMAN has scooped a prestigious award for his dancing skills in Broadway, New York show THE BOY FROM OZ. The Australian VAN HELSING hunk and DONNA MURPHY - star of rival...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Beyonce Teams Up With Usher

17th March 2004

BEYONCE KNOWLES is set for another blockbuster video duet with R+B's smoothest superstar USHER. After teaming up with boyfriend JAY-Z and reggae star SEAN PAUL in previous promos, Beyonce will "dance and flirt" with...

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Dancer Ann Miller Dies

23rd January 2004

Movie legend ANN MILLER has lost her battle with lung cancer at the age of 81. The actress and dancer died at CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL CENTER in Los Angeles on Thursday (22JAN04). Miller will...

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Pickfair Site On The Market Again

15th December 2003

The legendary Beverly Hills site of silver screen icons MARY PICKFORD and DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS famous home is on the market again for almost $3 million (GBP1.76 million). The 1 acre (0.4 hectare) lot, which...

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Nicholson: Astaire Got Me Into Sunglasses

19th November 2003

Movie legend JACK NICHOLSON credits the late FRED ASTAIRE with helping him cultivate his 'sunglasses with everything' look. The ABOUT SCHMIDT star was chatting with the TOP HAT actor at a 1970s ACADEMY AWARDS...

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Ginger Roger's Birthplace Made A Landmark

16th September 2003

The Kansas City, Missouri, birthplace of dancer and film star GINGER ROGERS has been designated an historic landmark. Yesterday (15SEP03), the INDEPENDENCE CITY COUNCIL voted unanimously to make the home where Rogers was born...

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Richard Chamberlain: 'The Night I Saved Princess Margaret'

5th August 2003

THORN BIRDS star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN deems the night he whisked the late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET away from a drunk actor as the best moment in his long career. The 69-year-old screen star dined...

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Film Composer Albert Sendrey Dies

2nd June 2003

Hollywood composer ALBERT SENDREY - who contributed musical talent to 170 films including EASTER PARADE and GUYS AND DOLLS - has died at the age of 91. Sendrey lost his life to congestive heart...

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Former Model/actress Parker Dies

5th May 2003

Model-turned-actress SUZY PARKER - one of the most recognisable faces of the 1950s and a forerunner of the supermodel - has died at the age of 69. Parker - known in later life as...

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Gere And Roberts Most Romantic Screen Lovers

16th April 2003

PRETTY WOMAN stars JULIA ROBERTS and RICHARD GERE have been voted the most romantic movie couple of all time. Their sizzling chemistry in the 1990 hit film kicked the pairing of KATE WINSLET and...

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