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The Things They Say: 3449224

13th January 2013

"It's the one movie I've made I actually can't watch. Those awkward teenage years: your nose is big, and you've got pimples." Actress Jodie Foster still can't watch her 1977 movie Freaky Friday.

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Lindsay Lohan Helps Porn Star Reach New Levels In The Canyons

15th August 2012

Lindsay Lohan helped porn star James Deen reach new levels of prowess while filming 'The Canyons'. The 26-year-old actress - who has previously posed nude for Playboy magazine - appears as the adult film star's...

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Michael Lohan: Lindsay Was On Drugs On Snl

30th May 2012

Lindsay Lohan's disastrous 'Saturday Night Live' performance was due to prescription drugs, her father has claimed.Michael Lohan claims the troubled actress is no longer taking any illegal substances but says medicine provided by her doctors...

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Lindsay Lohan Hits Back At Rosie O'donnell

26th April 2012

Lindsay Lohan has hit back at Rosie O'Donnell's claims she is ''not capable'' of playing the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor.Rosie slammed the troubled actress - who is set to portray the iconic star in TV...

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Sabrina The Teenage Witch To Become A Film

12th April 2012

'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' is being turned into a live-action film.The TV series - which featured Melissa Joan Hart as a young witch learning about her magical powers - has been re-written by Andrew Barrer...

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Lindsay Lohan 'Sells Clothes To Raise Cash'

6th April 2012

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly sold a ''truck load'' of clothes in a bid to make some money.The 25-year-old 'Freaky Friday' actress is apparently so cash-strapped following numerous stints in rehab that she has decided to...

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Lindsay Lohan Wants To 'Prove Herself'

29th February 2012

Lindsay Lohan insists she wants to ''prove herself''.The troubled actress - whose career has been plagued by addiction and run-ins with the law - says she has put the partying behind her and now wants...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Provides Romance On Ncis

23rd February 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis has returned to network TV in 'NCIS'. The Hollywood actress was reunited with her 'Freaky Friday' co-star Mark Harmon on the CBS drama show in the role of Dr. Samantha Ryan, a...

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Freaky Friday Director Didn't Think Much Of Lindsay Lohan's Audition

21st February 2012

Lindsay Lohan almost lost out on the lead role in her comedy movie Freaky Friday because director Mark Waters thought her audition was "the worst" of the bunch.The actress was one of five teenage stars...

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Fascinating Fact 12892

21st February 2012

Veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis is reuniting with her Freaky Friday co-star Mark Harmon for a guest appearance on his hit TV crime series Ncis. The episode, in which she stars as a psychiatrist, will...

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Jason Bateman For Insane Laws?

10th June 2011

Jason Bateman is set to star in 'The Insane Laws'. The 'Horrible Bosses' star has entered early talks to take a leading role in the comedy opposite Vince Vaughn, with the pair playing friends who...

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Lohan Dad Hopeful For Star's Future After Curtis Encounter

6th January 2011

LINDSAY LOHAN's father is hoping his daughter's post-rehab encounter with her FREAKY FRIDAY co-star JAMIE LEE CURTIS will mark the start of the troubled actress' comeback.The 24 year old has endured a notoriously tough fall...

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Lindsay Lohan Meets With 'Second Mother'

6th January 2011

Lindsay Lohan met with her "second mother", Jamie Lee Curtis yesterday (05.01.11).The 'Machete' star completed a court-ordered 90-day stay at rehab clinic the Betty Ford Center this week and by chance ran into Hollywood actress...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Hates Surgery 'Conspiracy'

24th September 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis believes there is a "conspiracy" in Hollywood to make actresses have cosmetic surgery.The 51-year-old star thinks it's wrong that so many older actresses feel under pressure to change their appearance to try...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Proud Of Recovery

8th September 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis regards her recovery from painkiller addiction as the "greatest accomplishment" of her life.The US actress - who previously admitted she became dependant on prescription medicine aged 35 following cosmetic surgery on her...

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Curtis Has 'Compassion' For Lohan

30th August 2010

JAMIE LEE CURTIS feels "compassion" and "empathy" for her FREAKY FRIDAY co-star LINDSAY LOHAN following her recent release from jail - insisting the young actress was "thrown into the public eye" too young.Lohan, who shot...

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Jim Carrey Takes On Mr. Popper's Penguins

23rd August 2010

Jim Carrey has signed on to star in 'Mr. Popper's Penguins'. The 48-year-old actor star will play a leading role in the family comedy - an adaptation of the 1938 children's book by Richard and...

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Lindsay Lohan To Leave Rehab Soon

19th August 2010

Lindsay Lohan will not be in rehab for more than a month.The 'Mean Girls' actress - who is currently receiving treatment at the UCLA Medical Center as part of a sentence for breaching the terms...

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Lohan Guitar Teacher Slash

20th August 2009

Lindsay Lohan wants Slash to give her guitar lessons.The singer-and-actress has begged the former Guns N' Roses rocker to help her brush up on her strumming skills.She said: "Can you maybe give me guitar lessons?...

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Disney Streaming Movies Online -- Free

11th June 2008

The Walt Disney Co. says that it will stream several full-length movies on its website,, for one week after they are broadcast on ABC's Wonderful World of Disney this summer. The company said that...

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Lohan Out Of Rehab

6th October 2007

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly checked out of a Utah rehab clinic a month after confessing to drug and alcohol addictions.The troubled Hollywood actress left the Cirque Lodge Treatment Centre yesterday after spending most of August...

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Lohan Attends La Police Station

20th July 2007

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has attended an LA police station in connection with her arrest for drink driving in May.Ms Lohan had her fingerprints and photo taken and was released with her court date set...

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Father's Fears Over Lindsay Lohan

26th May 2007

The father of actress Lindsay Lohan has admitted he is worried his estranged daughter could be flying off the rails.Michael Lohan, who himself has spent time in prison for fraud and drink driving, says he...

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Lohan's Mum Defends Parenting Skills

23rd March 2007

Dina Lohan, mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, has hit back at critics of her parenting skills and defended her partying daughter.In an interview to be published in Harper's Bazaar next week the 44-year-old denied her...

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Lohan: Out Of Rehab, Back To Party

19th February 2007

Hollywood's party girl Lindsay Lohan has left rehab and returned to party through the night with her showbiz pals. Lohan was reportedly spotted having a good time at trendy nightclub Teddy's while chatting to her...

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Lohan Pulls Out Of Bening Film

2nd February 2007

LINDSAY LOHAN has pulled out of a new movie she was scheduled to shoot with ANNETTE BENING, so she can take some time to relax after her current rehab stint. The actress checked into Los...

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Lohan's Mum Praises Rehab Efforts

19th January 2007

Lindsay Lohan's mum has spoken out in support of her daughter's decision to enter rehab.The 20-year-old actress announced her intention to take time out through her publicist on Wednesday, arguing that it is a "proactive"...

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Lohan In Rehab

18th January 2007

Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab, her publicist has revealed.The 20-year-old star, who will be on UK screens in the much-anticipated Emilio Estevez film Bobby later this month, said she had made the...

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Lohan's Sister To Release Christmas Album

6th September 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN's kid sister is launching her own pop career with a Christmas album. Little ALI LOHAN, 12, who appeared briefly in her big sister's CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART video and FREAKY FRIDAY movie,...

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Curtis Chooses Turquoise Therapy Over Surgery

10th July 2006

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has turned her back on plastic surgery and now uses her own quirky 'turquoise' method of looking and feeling good. The movie star, who famously posed in her underwear to show...

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