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Bon Jovi Proud His Lyric Empowered Generation

19th July 2006

JON BON JOVI is pleased he refused to let his BON JOVI bandmate RICHIE SAMBORA persuade him to remove a FRANK SINATRA reference from hit song IT'S MY LIFE, because it's the lyric he's most...

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Sinatra's Pianist Dies

16th July 2006

BILL MILLER, who was FRANK SINATRA's pianist for nearly 50 years until the singer's last performance in 1995, has died at the age of 91. When Sinatra suffered a fatal heart attack in 1998, aged...

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Biography Exposes Sinatra Suicide Attempt

9th July 2006

FRANK SINATRA once attempted suicide when his wife AVA GARDNER left him, according to an explosive new expose. Biographer LEE SERVER claims the late crooner's tempestuous romance with the movie legend was doomed from the...

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Mathis Honoured With Ella Award

14th June 2006

Pop legend JOHNNY MATHIS will become the 15th recipient of the Society of Singers' Ella Award at a ceremony in California in September (06). The prize is named after ELLA FITZGERALD, the first ever winner....

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Bennett To Celebrate 80th Birthday With Duets Album

14th June 2006

TONY BENNETT is to follow his mentor FRANK SINATRA's example and celebrate his 80th birthday with an album of duets. The legendary crooner will team up with the likes of STING, BONO, SIR ELTON JOHN,...

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Minnelli Plans Tribute Album To Godmother Thompson

8th June 2006

LIZA MINNELLI is planning an album chart comeback by paying tribute to her godmother KAY THOMPSON. The CABARET star is recording Thompson's classics for new album THE GODMOTHER + THE GODDAUGHTER, which will include a...

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Conrad To Tell All In New Book

7th June 2006

Veteran British actor JESS CONRAD promises to expose details of his romances with BRIGITTE BARDOT, DIANA DORS and AVA GARDNER in his autobiography. The 70-year-old enjoyed success in the UK in the 1960s as a...

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Sinatra's Wig For Sale

6th June 2006

Late crooner FRANK SINATRA's wig has gone up for sale on internet auction site eBay. The opening bid for the hairpiece, worn by the WITCHCRAFT singer throughout the 1990s, is $2,000 (GBP1,100). The wig is...

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Fascinating Fact 1576

1st June 2006

MICHAEL BOLTON and fiancee NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN sing a duet on his new album BOLTON SWINGS SINATRA, but they also have another link to the famous crooner. Sheridan grew up in a house once owned by...

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The Things They Say 2144

1st June 2006

"I think I'm gonna be out on the road for about 10 months and I plan on the Sinatra lighter coming out on tour with me; I'm just gonna take it with me for special...

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Fascinating Fact 1572

1st June 2006

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON's FRANK SINATRA tribute album has flopped in its first week on release in the US - BOLTON SWINGS SINATRA, which features a duet between the singer and his fiancee, actress NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN,...

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Fascinating Fact 1535

25th May 2006

FRANK SINATRA's daughter TINA is so impressed with crooner MICHAEL BOLTON's tributes to her father on his new album MICHAEL BOLTON SWINGS SINATRA she has given him one of the late legend's inscribed gold lighters...

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Keys To Copy Sinatra And Streisand

11th May 2006

R+B star ALICIA KEYS has hailed FRANK SINATRA and BARBRA STREISAND as her ultimate idols for the way they juggled their music with acting. The FALLIN' hitmaker makes her big screen debut in SMOKIN' ACES...

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Sinatra Jr Cancer Shock

8th May 2006

Singer FRANK SINATRA JR is ashamed of his vocal performance on latest album THAT FACE!, despite the fact he was battling prostate cancer at the time. The 62-year-old son of lengendary performer FRANK SINATRA had...

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Phillippe And Witherspoon Top Style Poll

7th April 2006

RYAN PHILLIPPE and REESE WITHERSPOON have topped a new poll to find Hollywood's Most Stylish Couple. The acting pair beat JAY-Z and BEYONCE KNOWLES and new couple RYAN GOSLING and RACHEL MCADAMS to be crowned...

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Wild's Widow Will Finish His Autobiography

4th April 2006

Oscar-nominated actor JACK WILD's widow has vowed to finish the autobiography the OLIVER! actor started before his death. Wild - who played the ARTFUL DODGER in the 1968 movie - died last month (MAR06) aged...

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Jones And Wife Won't Ring In 50th

3rd April 2006

SIR TOM JONES will mark his upcoming 50th wedding anniversary with a small, modest celebration because his wife LINDA WOODWARD hates lavish parties. The DELILAH hitmaker has refrained from entertaining fellow musicians at a huge...

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Coyne Knocks Lips' Ability

24th March 2006

THE FLAMING LIPS frontman WAYNE COYNE has branded his band "weird" and "sloppy" - hinting their string of hits are a lucky accident. The rocker reveals the band's music is not the product of musical...

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Ava Gardner Honoured With Post Office

23rd March 2006

Late movie icon AVA GARDNER has been honoured with her own post office in the county where she grew up. Smithfield Post Office in Johnston County, North Carolina was renamed the Ava Gardner Post Office...

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Fascinating Fact 1241

16th March 2006

MICHAEL BOLTON has recorded a duet with fiancee NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN for his upcoming album, BOLTON SWINGS SINATRA - a collection of songs that were previously recorded by music legend FRANK SINATRA. The couple want to...

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Fascinating Fact 1191

10th March 2006

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON made sure he got as close to FRANK SINATRA's sound as possible for his new tribute album to Ol' Blue Eyes - he recorded the project in Sinatra's favourite studio at the...

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Sinatra's Home Taken Off The Market After Gere And Cage Say No

7th March 2006

FRANK SINATRA's party lodge in the California desert has been taken off the market after movie stars RICHARD GERE and NICOLAS CAGE missed opportunities to purchase the sprawling property. Both stars viewed the private hillside...

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Jackman Returns To Broadway

3rd March 2006

Tony-winning actor HUGH JACKMAN is returning to Broadway after winning the lead role in classic musical PAL JOEY. The X-MEN star will play nightclub owner JOEY EVANS - a role made famous by FRANK SINATRA...

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Kennedy Lawford Inherited Womanising Ways

22nd February 2006

Actor CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY LAWFORD confesses he has inherited the womanising ways of his famous male relatives. Lawford's father was rat pack member PETER LAWFORD and his uncle was late US President JOHN F KENNEDY,...

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O'neill's Cancer Revelation

19th February 2006

Celebrated celebrity photographer TERRY O'NEILL is battling bowel cancer and is due to undergo imminent chemotherapy treatment. The 68-year-old Brit, who has photographed stars including FRANK SINATRA, DAVID BOWIE and THE BEATLES, suffered stomach...

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Mathis Blasts Streisand And Sinatra

18th February 2006

JOHNNY MATHIS has slammed FRANK SINATRA and BARBRA STREISAND in a new interview, insisting both stars made his life hell when he worked with them. The WHEN A CHILD IS BORN singer found Sinatra...

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Sinatra's Son In Cancer Fight

10th February 2006

FRANK SINATRA's big band leader son has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. FRANK SINATRA JR, 62, is fighting for his life, according to family insiders. A source says, "Frankie is doing as well...

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Rod Stewart Turns Dj For One Show

9th February 2006

ROD STEWART is set to add DJ to his impressive resume when he hosts a satellite radio show to showcase his GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK recordings. The British rocker-turned-crooner will host an hour-long show on...

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Sonny King Dies

6th February 2006

Veteran Las Vegas entertainer SONNY KING has died. He was 83. King, who spent 27 years as sidekick to comedian late JIMMY DURANTE, passed away after undergoing treatment for cancer, according to his brother....

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Bolton Finds Sinatra Muse In Sheridan

3rd February 2006

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON hasn't just rekindled an old flame in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN - he has found the muse for his new album. The WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN singer, who...

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