Much of the attention surrounding Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘Frank’ has centred on the mask sported by Michael Fassbender’s character throughout. But there is one scene in which Domhall Gleeson – who plays Jon in the film – tries it on, and there were a few logistical problems with that, as the flame-haired actor explains.

FrankDomhall Gleeson with a big ol' beard in 'Frank'

"There was a scene where I was meant to slide on the head to see what it looks and feels like. It turned into quite a long scene. I wasn't really able to get it past my nose, because apparently, my head is quite big," he said. "No one else had trouble trying it on. People wanted to have a go. Everybody wanted to try on the head and do the funniest move - there was a little bit of that - but the only person who really made it work is Michael," he added.

The character of Frank is based on Frank Sidebottom, known for fronting the band The Freshies in the late 1970s and early 1980s and for his comic persona Frank Sidebottom from 1984 onwards. But the film bears no biographical link to him.

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"I hadn't heard of Frank Sidebottom, and in a way, I don't think that was any harm," explained Domhall. "The problem we'll face with some people who do know Frank Sidebottom, is that they might come to the movie expecting it to be about him. That'll be a hurdle to get over, as it's not about him. It's in the spirit of one of his crazy songs, maybe, but there's no biographical connection with our Frank in the movie and him - apart from the fact that he wears a head."