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Report News Corp Split-up Could Come Today

27th June 2012

Rupert Murdoch has confirmed that he is planning to split his giant News Corp media empire in two. They will not be of equal size, however. His entertainment division, composed primarily of 20th Century Fox...

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Despite Costly Hacking Scandal, News Corp Profits Soar

9th February 2012

Forget about the fact that News Corp may have to pay $200-400 million to settle all of the invasion-of-privacy cases that have been filed against it in the wake of the recent telephone hacking. The...

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Murdoch Family Rallies Around Son James

25th October 2011

At their meeting at 20th Century Fox studios last week, 35 percent of News Corp shareholders voted against reelecting James Murdoch to the board -- and 40 percent of those who voted in favor of...

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Perfectionist Liman Risked Career For Smith Movie

26th May 2005

Director DOUG LIMAN was so determined to perfect upcoming movie MR AND MRS SMITH - he didn't care if he wrecked his career by scrapping expensive scenes and carrying out reshoots. Liman had created...

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Weaver For Alien 5?

22nd September 2003

Movie heroine SIGOURNEY WEAVER has reportedly agreed to make another ALIENS film, the fifth in the long-running sci-fi series. FOX STUDIOS are putting the finishing touches to plans for ALIEN: EARTH, following 1997's ALIEN:...

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Caan Son's New Flick Sparks Crowd Frenzy

1st July 2003

Hollywood offspring SCOTT CAAN had a manic first-time director's experience when a Los Angeles screening of his movie DALLAS 362 erupted into chaos. Guests outside the LITTLE THEATER at the FOX STUDIOS lot came...

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