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News Outlets Stumble Again On Shooter Reports

17th September 2013

Perhaps the gossip and news blog Gawker was on to something when it headlined an article about coverage of the Navy Yard shootings on Monday, Next Time, Just Ignore the Breaking News. Gawker was referring...

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Al Jazeera Makes No Waves In Coverage Of Syrian Crisis

17th September 2013

Any concerns that Al Jazeera America might become a platform for radical Muslims during coverage of the crises in the Middle East were seemingly laid to rest during the recent coverage of the civil war...

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Report: Shakeup Begins At Fox News Channel

13th September 2013

Signaling what columnist Dylan Byers described as a long-anticipated primetime shakeup at Fox News, the cable news channel announced on Thursday that Shepard Smith will no longer anchor the 7:00 p.m. hour but will...

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Tame Debut For Returning Cnn Crossfire

11th September 2013

CNN decided to relaunch its political-debate show Crossfire a week early so as to take advantage of the controversy over President Obama's plan to launch a limited strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces as...

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Fired Fox News Exec Threatens To Fight Ailes And Co.

28th August 2013

rian Lewis, the former chief lieutenant to Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, will apparently not be making a quiet exit from the company as he first indicated. Fired last week for cause because of what...

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Al Jazeera America Launches -- Makes Few Waves

21st August 2013

Critics generally agreed that Tuesday's launch of Al Jazeera America -- or AJAM, as it's being called -- went off smoothly, professionally, and non-controversially. Mary McNamara in the Los Angeles Times pointed out that much...

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Fox Commentator Urges Fox Tv To Hire Leno

13th August 2013

oth Variety and corporate sibling reported on Monday that Fox News host Greta Van Susteren had urged Fox TV (not Fox News Channel, she pointed out) to hire Jay Leno when Leno is replaced...

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Federal Judges Vs. Talent Show Judges: The Pay Gap

9th August 2013

If you add up the total salaries of all the approximately 180 top federal judges sitting on the U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, the combined amount would come to about $32...

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21st Century Fox Looking Good In First Sec Filing

7th August 2013

In its first quarterly report as an independent company, 21st Century Fox, representing the entertainment operations of the original News Corp that were spun off last month, said that income in the last quarter soared...

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Gop Furious Over Hillary Clinton Films

6th August 2013

epublican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus repeated his threat Monday night to refuse to provide the Republican candidates in 2016 for national debates moderated by NBC or CNN if the two networks do not halt...

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Little Promotion For Al-jazeera America Launch

5th August 2013

Although Al-Jazeera America is due to launch on August 20, the network has done little to promote its arrival as an alternative to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and HLN, columnist Dylan Byers observed today...

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Awkward Fox Interview Of Author Boosts Sales Of His Book

30th July 2013

A clearly inept interview by Fox News anchor Lauren Green of biblical scholar Reza Aslan about his new biography of Jesus has boosted sales of the book after the interview went viral on the Internet....

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Rivera Reveals Why He Took Down Half-naked Selfie Pic

26th July 2013

Geraldo Rivera says that Fox News did not force him to remove his now-infamous selfie photo of himself dressed only in a towel. Conceding that he took the photo after having a couple of drinks...

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Littlest Prince Fails To Attract Big Ratings

24th July 2013

The arrival on Earth of Britain's newest prince may have cost the broadcast and television networks dearly in terms of additional technical crews, flights for reporters, and promotion, but all of it apparently did not...

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Msnbc Doesn't Get A Ratings Boost From Zimmerman Coverage

16th July 2013

For most of the month it had seemed as if MSNBC's slogan could have been All Zimmerman, All the Time, as the cable news network went virtually wall-to-wall with coverage of the trial of George...

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Television Remains Primary Source Of News

9th July 2013

Most people -- 55 percent -- primarily get their news from television, with Fox News named as the source by 8 percent, slightly above CNN with 7 percent, according to a new Gallup poll. The...

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Divided News Corp Shares Remain Virtually Flat

2nd July 2013

Investors made no mad rush to buy shares of either the new 21st Century Fox or the new News Corp in their first day of trading as separate entities on Monday. Fox, which includes the...

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Ratings Sink For Cnn's New Day

26th June 2013

atings results for the first week of CNN's new morning show New Day came in well below those for the programs it replaced, Early Start and Starting Point. Among total viewers, numbers were down 20...

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Cnn's New Day's Ratings Worse Than Old Day's

19th June 2013

Ordinarily new, highly promoted TV talk shows will debut with inflated ratings as viewers tune in out of curiosity. Such was not the case on Monday with CNN's new morning show New Day, however, as...

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News Corp Splits Today

19th June 2013

This is the day (Wednesday) that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp divides in two -- one, to retain the News Corp name, will include the company's troubled newspaper and publishing companies; the other, to be called...

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Big Brother Is Checking Your Phone Records

6th June 2013

It now appears that the government's perusal of phone records of the Associated Press and Fox News may only have been the tip of the iceberg so far as government surveillance goes and that...

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Goodbye Katie -- Again?

5th June 2013

ABC executives have concluded that Katie Couric's daytime syndicated talk show is a disaster and will not renew it come fall, Fox News reported on its website today (Wednesday). It quoted one studio executive as...

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Media Asks Judge For Greater Access To Manning Trial

4th June 2013

More than 20 organizations representing a wide spectrum of the news media, including the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, NPR, Forbes magazine, Britain's Guardian newspaper, and the New Yorker, have sent a letter to the...

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Schism Grows Between Obama And Press

30th May 2013

Things may not look so dire for Barack Obama as they did for Lyndon Johnson when Walter Cronkite spoke out against the Vietnam War and it was said that the president had lost the press...

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61 Groups Charge Obama Regime Threatens Press Freedom

28th May 2013

A group of press, civil liberties, union, and Internet organizations have called on Attorney General Eric Holder to produce a full report on the Department of Justice's investigation of journalists and government whistleblowers. Your actions...

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Did Doj Warn News Corp About Subpoenas For Reporter's Phone Records

27th May 2013

News Corp on Sunday denied that it had received a notice from the Justice Department informing it that a subpoena had been issued for the telephone records of Fox News Channel reporter James Rosen. Lawrence...

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Obama "Troubled" By Doj's Press Probes

24th May 2013

President Obama said on Thursday that he was troubled by the investigation of reporters by his own Justice Department but said that he is attempting to strike the right balance between our security and our...

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Fox News's Ailes Blasts Doj's Probe Of Fox Reporter

24th May 2013

Fox News chief Roger Ailes on Thursday vowed to challenge the government's investigation of James Rosen and other Fox News employees who are being investigated as co-conspirators in releasing classified information. In a message to...

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Probe Of Fox Journalist Broader Than First Believed

23rd May 2013

It now turns out that the Department of Justice not only seized the email records of Fox News's James Rosen but also accessed his home and cellphone records as well as the phone records at...

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Tornado Coverage: God's Wrath And God's Benevolence

22nd May 2013

Whoever thought that the coverage of the Oklahoma tornado would ignite a religious clash? But that it has. First there was the MTV News tweet: Beyoncé, Rihanna & Katy Perry send prayers to #PrayForOklahoma. As...

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