Donnice Roberts is a war widow, whose husband was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2008, and who is now suing the Fox Cable Networks and its National Geographic for a documentary that featured her husband and her family, reports ABC News. 

Staff Sgt. Kevin Casey Roberts served with the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, and had already served two tours in Iraq, having joined post 9/11, before being deployed to Afganistan. It was this final tour to Afghanistan which saw an 'explosive device' hitting his vehicle while he was in the Khost Province of the country, causing his death. The documentary coming under attack from Mrs Roberts was called 'Inside Afghan ER'. According to Mrs Roberts the documentary included a personal family photo that had been taken from her husband's laptop. However, Scott Grogin, the spokeperson for Fox News said that the image in question was on display at a memorial, scenes from which were included in the documentary. The film makers went through the right processes according to Grogin, who said "The filmmakers got permission from the military to shoot the documentary and as part and parcel of that, were granted permission to shoot the memorial service." 

Mrs Roberts found out about their appearance in the production when a service member in Germany who had seen them in it. Apparently, she has suffered from 'mental anguish, shock and anguish' and is claming $750,000 in damages. "Those are our personal items." she said. "If you chose to show a family photo, that is your choice... but having it done without your permission, I just think it is immoral and an invasion of privacy."