Shock horror! A Fox anchor caught dancing!? What's the world coming to!? Well a fun one if Tia Ewing has anything to do with it, as she took advantage of the ad-break to bust a groove between reading news. 

"I gotta get it where I can get it," Ewing explained to her co-workers on-air in a later segment, "I just didn't know the camera was rolling." The California anchor was caught on camera enjoying one of Beyonce's biggest hits: Single Ladies. To be fair to her, it was on the night shift, approaching 4.15am, and she fancied a little dance, alright? No one could be mad at her adorable dancing. And Beyonce, take note! She could be one of your single ladies dancing on your next tour. Unfortunately, the 4am slot won't have been seen by as many people as it should have been, but here at Contact Music we think dancing should be a compulsory part of any news bulletin. A comment on the YouTube vid, which you can watch below, seems to be from what looks like Tia herself, saying "It was early in the AM, like 4 something and it was Friday. That's always a great reason to enjoy life and...DANCE!"

When news team members get caught doing the wrong thing: it's a wonderful facet of life. Tasked with regaling awful news, terrifying whether, seldom to they get the chance to report good news, let alone have a laugh at work. Here's our other favourite news show faux pas from those crazy Brits: