Former child star Blake Mciver wrote new song It Gets Better as a gay anthem for teens tormented by school bullies over their sexuality.

The former Full House and The Little Rascals star admits he was the victim of cruel classmates when he attended a private Baptist high school in Los Angeles, and so when he started reading about desperate gay teens taking their lives rather than facing their tormentors, he decided it was time to share his story in a song.

He tells Wenn, "I wanted to say something but it was too close, too personal, so I sat down and the piano and wrote a song about it."

It Gets Better, which features on MCIver's new album The Time Manipulator, details what he went through at high school.

He adds, "I was still very much uncomfortable with myself and very much in the closet. My junior high school was an extremely conservative environment.

"The bullying and ostracism from just an assumption that I was possibly gay was debilitating. I knew I was gay and I was trying desperately to hide it from everyone.

"It was really dark and really scary... I've been writing a lot about that. It was a continual physical and verbal assault. It took me everything to hold it together until I could get in my mom's car and break down and cry. It was rough... I had shame about it. There was this fear in the back of my mind that I was asking for it."