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Top Animal Trainer-turned-activist Pat Derby Dies At 69

19th February 2013

Pat Derby, the woman who trained Lassie and Flipper for the big and small screen has died, aged 69.The English-born animal expert and activist passed away on Friday (15Feb13) from complications related to throat cancer...

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O'barry: 'Flipper Committed Suicide'

23rd April 2010

Dolphin trainer-turned-marine activist RIC O'BARRY decided to dedicate his life to saving porpoises and whales after watching the star of 1960s TV show FLIPPER take her own life.O'Barry helped to capture and train dolphins for...

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Novoselic Quits Flipper

22nd September 2008

Cult rockers FLIPPER have been forced to scrap an upcoming U.S. tour after bass player KRIST NOVOSELIC quit the group. The former Nirvana star reportedly wanted to take care of "responsibilities at home" and opted...

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Flipper With Novoselic To Unveil First Album In 15 Years

5th January 2008

Cult rockers FLIPPER are to release their first studio album in 15 years - and the new disc marks the recording debut of new band member KRIST NOVOSELIC. The former Nirvana bassist joined the veteran...

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Alba Turns On Dolphins

6th June 2006

Sexy star JESSICA ALBA is always careful when she's scuba diving, because she doesn't like attracting amorous dolphins. The actress discovered horny cetacean mammals got aroused by her presence when she was a youngster, shooting...

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Alba Is Terrified Of Monkey Business

9th July 2005

Actress JESSICA ALBA is considering writing a new clause into her contract - no monkeys. The SIN CITY star, who already has a no-nudity clause in her contract, has had terrifying encounters with apes...

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