David Letterman - Fired Anchor, Letterman Consoles A. J. Clemente After His Blunder

After a story hit the internet about the hilarious blunder of a fired anchor, Letterman invited the man over for a chat and even tried to get his job back for him. A. J. Clemente’s story is somewhat of a ridiculous one – the man spent all in all mere seconds at the news station in North Dakota, before saying “f***ing s**t!” and subsequently getting booted off the channel. It wasn’t the most professional thing to do, for sure, but, as an experienced presenter with multiple gaffes behind his back, Letterman found some sympathy for Clemente. First, Letterman delivered his traditional top ten list on the topic of "Top Ten Signs Your First Day As A News Anchor Didn't Go Well." He called Clemente’s blooper “a page, torn from the Letterman Book of Life”. The host also suggested to Clemente that he should try to get his job back:

“What about these goons in Bismarck,” Letterman asked, “are they going to give you the job back?” He told Clemente that he’s “better than” the local news in North Dakota and “they should apologize to you.” He continued, “If you want to, you should be offered that job back.”

To which Clemente responded with the not-so-humble remark: “I’ve thought about it, but if, you know, ESPN comes knocking…”

“Look, I’m trying to get you the job back in Bismarck,” Letterman told him. “Forget about ESPN, that ain’t gonna happen!”

Well, maybe ESPN isn’t in the ex-anchor’s future, but with his viral fame and propensity for colorful language, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to land a nice cushy reality gig.

David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theatre
Letterman might be at the top of his game now, but he's had his share of mishaps too. 


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