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Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle To "F- Off" In Lawsuit Over Scarecrow Advert Song

By Lauren James | 11th March 2014

Frank Ocean has sent off a cheque ending a legal spat with burrito giant Chipotle after a dispute over the soundtrack song for the company's Scarecrow advert last year. The R&B singer eschewed discreteness over...

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Fascinating Fact: 4077679

20th February 2014

Eccentric singer/songwriter Fiona Apple is to play a superhero in a new French Tv series. Apple has been cast as Feux Verts in H-Man, created by Joseph Cahill, who directed her Every Single Night video....

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Fiona Apple Refused To Let Panic! At The Disco Sample Her Song

4th November 2013

Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie is still mad at singer Fiona Apple after she refused to let the band sample her song Every Single Night.Urie claims they wanted to use Apple's vocals on their...

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Fiona Apple: 'I Was Upset With Heckler Who Insisted I Get Healthy'

8th October 2013

Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has broken her silence after ejecting a concerned heckler from a show in Oregon last week (ends04Oct13).The star halted her show at Portland's Newmark Theatre on Thursday night (03Oct13) after a fan...

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Fiona Apple Kicks 'Get Healthy' Heckler Out Of Venue

5th October 2013

Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple halted a gig in Oregon on Thursday night (03Oct13) to ask a heckler to leave.The rowdy female concertgoer urged Apple to "Get healthy" towards the end of her Newmark Theatre set in...

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Fiona Apple Storms Offstage In Japan

30th August 2013

Fiona Apple stormed offstage at a gig in Japan on Thursday (29Aug13), after failing to make the audience shut up.The Criminal hitmaker was performing at the Louis Vuitton Timeless Muses party in Tokyo, when she...

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Fiona Apple Heading Out On Tour After Troubled 2012

30th July 2013

Musician Fiona Apple is heading back out on tour a year after scrapping a trek in South America.The Criminal hitmaker ran into trouble with the law last year (12) when she was arrested for drug...

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Former Lovers Fiona Apple & Paul Thomas Anderson Reunite For Video

25th July 2013

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has reunited with her ex-boyfriend, filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, for a new video.Anderson, who dated Apple in the late 1990s and early 2000s, has directed the promo for Hot Knife....

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Hot Knife: When Fiona Apple Reunited With 'The Master' Paul Thomas Anderson

By Michael West | 24th July 2013

Fiona Apple's new video for 'Hot Knife' is a strange affair. It's visually stunning, with split-screens and black and white filters. There's even an appearance from Apple's sister Apple Maude Maggart, who provides vocals on...

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Josh Groban's Christina Crush

24th February 2013

Josh Groban used to have a crush on Christina Ricci.The 31-year-old singer admitted he loved the 'Pan Am' actress when he was 13 because he was ''super into'' her character Wednesday Addams from 'The Addams...

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Adele & The Black Keys Lead Oscars Best Song Race

12th December 2012

Adele's 2012 Bond movie theme and tunes by The Black Keys, Fiona Apple, Mumford & Sons and Norah Jones have been shortlisted for a Best Song Oscar nomination.The top acts join the likes of Arcade...

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Emotional Fiona Apple Cancels South American Tour Because Of Ailing Pet

By Contributor | 21st November 2012

As you might expect from an artist who has an album in her back catalogue called When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king, What he knows throws the blows when he...

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Fiona Apple Tour Delayed So Singer Can Be With Her Dying Dog

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st November 2012

Singer songwriter Fiona Apple's tour will be delayed as she tends to her dying dog, the singer has put her pet before her fans, but we're sure her fans will understand. The singer writes in...

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Fiona Apple Postpones South American Tour For Ailing Dog

20th November 2012

Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has postponed her upcoming South American tour so she can nurse her dying dog through her final days.The Criminal hitmaker was set to launch the tour in Brazil on 27 November (12),...

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Busted In Sierra Blanca: Nelly Held By Police, Heroin Found In His Tour Bus

By Joe Wilde | 12th October 2012

Rapper Nelly escaped the long arm of the law after a police raid of his tour bus allegedly found heroin, weed and a loaded gun on board, TMZ report.According to Texas law enforcement sources, Nelly's...

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Drugs And Loaded Gun Seized: Nelly’S Tour Bus Raided In Sierra Blanca

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th October 2012

Nelly’s tour bus was searched at a border patrol in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Heroin was uncovered, alongside a loaded firearm, reports MTV.The rapper was detained on Wednesday night (October, 9 2012) but wasn’t arrested, after...

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Fiona Apple Apologises To Fans For Drug Arrest Drama

27th September 2012

Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has apologised to fans for her drug possession arrest in Texas last week (ends23Sep12).The Criminal hitmaker was arrested on 19 September (12) and forced to scrap a show in Austin because she...

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Fiona Apple Concerns Fans With House Of Blues Performance

By Michael West | 26th September 2012

Fiona Apple was back on the stage on Monday evening (September 24, 2012), though did little to ease the concerns of her legion of fans by looking “worse for wear” and appearing “thinner than usual”,...

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Fiona Apple Should ‘Shut Up And Sing’, Says County Sheriff’S Department

By Michael West | 25th September 2012

Fiona Apple’s arrest for possession of hash and marijuana at the Texas border appears to have grown into a far more serious story. The singer-songwriter publically blasted four officers for allegedly mistreating her during the...

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Fiona Apple Addresses Arrest In Bizarre Onstage Speech

23rd September 2012

Singer Fiona Apple addressed her recent drug arrest in a rambling speech during a show in Houston, Texas on Friday (21Sep12).The Criminal hitmaker was arrested on Wednesday (19Sep12) on a drug possession charge and was...

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Hands Up: Fiona Apple Admits The Cannabis Was Hers

By Hayley Avron | 21st September 2012

The singer Fiona Apple has admitted that she was the owner of the drugs found in her possession in a small Texan town yesterday (September 20, 2012). Apple, who has recently released her first studio...

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Fiona Apple Released From Jail

21st September 2012

Singer Fiona Apple has been freed from a Texas jail after she was arrested on Wednesday (19Sep12) on a drug possession charge.The Criminal hitmaker was released on $10,000 (£6,250) bail after spending the night in...

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Fiona Apple Arrested In Texas

20th September 2012

Singer Fiona Apple has been arrested in Texas after border patrol authorities allegedly found hashish and marijuana on her tourbus.The Criminal hitmaker was taken into custody in Sierra Blanca on Wednesday (19Sep12). The 35...

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Fiona Apple Held In Jail Over Possession Of Cannabis

By Michael West | 20th September 2012

Fiona Apple was arrested at a border stop in Texas on Wednesday (September 19th) after it was discovered that she was holding illegal drugs, according to The Daily Mail. These days, it’s all tweets and...

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Fiona Apple Arrested For Marijuana Possession On Mexico Border

By Contributor | 20th September 2012

We're looking forward to seeing what long-winded song title Fiona Apple comes up with when she gets around to writing a song about this one. That's right, the singer songwriter who once held the dubious...

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Fiona Apple: 'I Think I'm A Time Traveller'

2nd July 2012

Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple is convinced she's a time traveller, because she has problems recalling huge chunks of her life.The quirky star admits she can't remember writing her songs and there's a seven-year period that is...

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The Things They Say 25594

28th June 2012

"I don't plan on having kids... (but) I read books about raising kids and I think I'm trying to raise myself a little bit. It's just an interesting way of trying to change the way...

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Fiona Apple And Beck Close Governor's Ball With A Bang

26th June 2012

Beck's nostalgic set was one of the highlights of the closing day of this year's Governor's Ball (June 24, 2012), according to Rolling Stone. Now something of an elder statesman of the alternative music scene,...

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Fiona Apple Feels Guilty About Including Love Songs On New Album

25th June 2012

Fiona Apple regrets including songs about her failed relationships on her new album because it sets her up for awkward situations with her ex-partners' new girlfriends.The 34 year old, who recently released her first album...

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Fiona Apple's Self-harm Hell

23rd June 2012

Singer Fiona Apple has opened up about her secret struggle with self-harming, confessing she cut her body to "feel something".The Grammy winner released her new album The Idler Wheel... earlier this week (19Jun12) and in...

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