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Finley Quaye's Assault Sentencing Deferred

24th August 2012

Reggae star Finley Quaye's assault case has been deferred because the singer has failed to pay his lawyer.The Sunday Shining hitmaker's legal representative has withdrawn from the trial in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Quaye faces sentencing...

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Quaye Arrested Over Fight Claims

11th June 2010

British reggae star FINLEY QUAYE has been arrested over allegations he was involved in a bar brawl in London on Thursday afternoon (10Jun10).The singer is alleged to have lashed out at three bar staff during...

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Quaye Escapes Conviction After Judge Throws Out Assault Case

16th April 2010

British reggae star FINLEY QUAYE's assault case has been thrown out of court after officials at Britain's Crown Prosecution Service forgot to request an adjournment.The DICe hitmaker was arrested last July (09) after allegedly lashing...

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Quaye Held Over Bite Accusations

14th July 2009

Singer FINLEY QUAYE has been arrested after he allegedly took a bite out of one of his employees.The DICe hitmaker reportedly lashed out and sank his teeth into his tour manager when he was prevented...

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Quaye Keeps In Contact With Yates' Daughter

12th September 2003

British singer FINLEY QUAYE has remained close to former lover PAULA YATES' youngest daughter TIGER LILY in the years following the tragic star's early death. Quaye dated Yates following the death of her lover...

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Finley Quaye Admits Kicking Incident

4th May 2003

Reggae star FINLEY QUAYE yesterday (02MAY03) admitted attacking his ex-lover and kung-fu kicking her friend in front of their son. The SUNDAY SHINING singer slapped MERCEDES GUTIERREZ, 33, to the floor and then kicked...

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Finley Quaye Wanted By Police

8th April 2003

Rock star FINLEY QUAYE is reportedly on the run from police - after allegedly beating two women. The EVEN AFTER ALL singer, 29, is said to have lashed out with his fists, according to...

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