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The Passion Breaks Dvd Records

9th September 2004

MEL GIBSON's controversial movie hit THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is breaking DVD records in America after surpassing sales of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. The film has reportedly sold nearly nine million...

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Finding Nemo Takes To The Ice

20th August 2004

Acclaimed animated movie FINDING NEMO is taking to the ice this winter (04) for a new show. The DISNEY-PIXAR film about a fish's adventure is getting a live-action makeover with elaborate costumes and choreographed...

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Harry Potter's Spell On America Remains

15th June 2004

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was America's top movie for a second weekend, taking in $35.1 million (GBP19.5 million) to lift its 10-day total to $158.1 million (GBP87.8 million). SHREK 2 held...

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Nixon Opts For Tv-free Entertainment

13th May 2004

Former SEX AND THE CITY star CYNTHIA NIXON has a hard time staying abreast of what's new on TV - because she only watches videos at home. The mother-of-two admits visitors to her New...

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Gibson Is Most Powerful Actor

5th May 2004

MEL GIBSON's religious movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has helped the Aussie star leapfrog the likes of TOM HANKS and TOM CRUISE to become PREMIERE magazine's most powerful actor. Gibson has been named...

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Leads Pack In Mtv Movie Nominations

22nd April 2004

JOHNNY DEPP's summer (03) hit PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL leads the pack of MTV MOVIE AWARDS with an impressive six nods. The film was nominated for Best Movie...

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Megan Mullally Dropped From Finding Nemo

6th April 2004

WILL + GRACE star MEGAN MULLALLY claims she was dropped from a starring role in animated movie hit FINDING NEMO, because she refused to copy her high-pitched voice from the TV comedy. The actress...

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Outkast Steal The Show At Kids Choice Awards

5th April 2004

OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 got Saturday's (03APR04) KIDS CHOICE AWARDS off to a flying start by floating in high above the audience. Dressed as a blonde, pigtailed ninja, Andre made an impressive entrance for...

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Britney Wants To Kiss Ellen

30th March 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS thrilled Hollywood's lesbian community at the GLAAD Awards on Saturday night (27MAR04), when she confessed she'd love to smooch ELLEN DeGENERES. The pop star kicked off the GAY + LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST...

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Kylie's A Huge Finding Nemo Fan

24th March 2004

Australian pop beauty KYLIE MINOGUE has become a fervent fan of ELLEN DeGENERES ever since she saw the comedienne's hit movie FINDING NEMO. French movie hunk OLIVIER MARTINEZ made the revelation about his girlfriend...

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Winslet 'Nervous' About Return To The Spotlight

16th March 2004

TITANIC star KATE WINSLET was highly nervous about making an appearance on ELLEN DeGENERES' chat show yesterday morning (15MAR04) because she's spent a number of months away from the spotlight. The British actress appeared...

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Britney Out But Little Sister Leads The Way

8th March 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS is a shock no-show on this year's (04) KIDS CHOICE AWARDS nominations list - but her little sister is leading the pack with two nods. JAMIE LYNN SPEARS and her comedy show...

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Jungle Book Crowned Top Animated Film

24th February 2004

The big-screen adaptation of RUDYARD KIPLING's THE JUNGLE BOOK has been voted the best-loved animated movie of all time. The 1967 children's favourite beat off competition from a series of contemporary contenders like TOY...

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Finding Nemo Earns Nine Annie Awards

9th February 2004

The fish story FINDING NEMO took top honours on Saturday (07FEB04) at the animation industry's 31st annual ANNIE AWARDS. The film, co-produced by PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS and WALT DISNEY, scooped nine awards, including...

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Pixar Splits From Disney

30th January 2004

Animation giants PIXAR and WALT DISNEY have ended their record-breaking partnership, despite the international success of films including FINDING NEMO, TOY STORY and MONSTERS INC. PIXAR chief executive STEVE JOBS says the company has...

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Nemo Hits $500 Million Mark

28th January 2004

DISNEY comedy FINDING NEMO has taken $500 million (GBP276 million) in ticket sales - becoming only the tenth film ever to surpass the huge sales target. The fish-themed comedy is the first animation to...

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Finding Nemo And Lavigne Honoured By Media Group

26th January 2004

Hit movie FINDING NEMO, singer AVRIL LAVIGNE and ELMO of SESAME STREET have all been honoured by a media group for excellence in family entertainment. COMMON SENSE MEDIA culled 18,000 nominations from parents, teachers,...

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Return Of The King Already Makes Best-of List

15th December 2003

Hotly-anticipated movie THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING has made the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE's (AFI) best films of the year list - even though it hasn't been released yet. The...

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Finding Nemo Leads Animated Oscar List

20th November 2003

Cartoon blockbuster FINDING NEMO leads eleven shortlisted films eligible to win Best Animated Feature at next year's (04) OSCAR ceremony in Hollywood. The underwater escapade - which is voiced by stars such as WILLEM...

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Nemo Chasing The Lion King After Beating Off Spider-man

19th November 2003

FINDING NEMO has leapfrogged SPIDER-MAN to become the second best selling DVD in the format's six year history. In just two weeks, the DVD version of the hit family film has sold 15 million...

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Disney Give Peta Fish Rights

12th October 2003

DISNEY bosses have thrilled animal rights group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT ANIMALS by letting them use images from hit film FINDING NEMO for a new vegetarian ad campaign. PETA have been given the...

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More Shocking Kisses

28th September 2003

Hollywood's kissing trend has reached new heights - now lesbians are locking lips with straight men! After MADONNA smooched BRITNEY SPEARS at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS and JOEY kissed ROSS on the season...

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Kudrow Avoids The Movies

25th September 2003

FRIENDS star LISA KUDROW rarely goes to the movies because even harmless family films terrify her. The kooky actress has no plans to check out her latest film, WONDERLAND, because she finds the subject...

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American Box Office Scores Record Summer

2nd September 2003

Forecasts of a slump in cinema returns have been quashed by a record summer (03) at the American box office - thanks to a late surge of high grossing hits. Figures for the season...

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Pixar Threatening To Leave Disney Deal

8th August 2003

PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS has threatened to take its lucrative distribution contract away from DISNEY unless new contracts can be agreed. Pixar, responsible for box office hits including MONSTERS INC and TOY STORY, is on...

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Finding Nemo Namesake Sues Studios

23rd July 2003

Children's musician RAY YODLOWSKY is suing both the WALT DISNEY COMPANY and PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS - because he claims they stole his stage name MR RAY for animated flick FINDING NEMO. In the fishy...

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The Hulk Muscles Out Competition

24th June 2003

New movie THE HULK proved to be the true monster of American box office this weekend (20-22JUN03), taking in a June opening record of $62.6 million (GBP39.1 million). The action flick, which stars ERIC...

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Finding Nemo Sparks Fish-buying Frenzy

19th June 2003

Hit cartoon movie FINDING NEMO has sparked a new buying frenzy in America - clownfish. The flick has not only made more than $200 million (GBP125 million) at the box office since its release,...

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