Pioneering film editor Dann Cahn has died aged 89.

Cahn passed away from natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday (21Nov12) and was the last surviving member of the original creative team behind landmark Tv series I Love Lucy.

He pioneered the technique of using three motion picture cameras instead of one which allowed for a show to be filmed continuously and in sequence, like a stage play.

Cahn also worked on The Beverly Hillbillies, The Fall Guy, Police Woman, as well as several Tv movies including Bates Motel and Bud And Lou.

He married Judy Baker, a former professional golfer, in 1953, and had two children Dana and Daniel. His daughter, Dana, died in 1973 and his wife passed away in 2010. Diagnosed with dementia, he had moved in with his son, Daniel.

Cahn's father, Philip Cahn, co-founded the Motion Picture Editors Guild in 1937 and Daniel, is currently president of the Guild.