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Pitt Indulges Aniston's Duran Duran Fantasy

5th January 2004

Movie hunk BRAD PITT treated wife JENNIFER ANISTON to her ultimate fantasy at a recent party - by dressing as DURAN DURAN heart-throb SIMON LE BON. The FIGHT CLUB actor threw the fancy dress...

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Helena Bonham Carter Transformed By Motherhood

7th December 2003

Movie star HELENA BONHAM CARTER has spoken of her happiness following the birth of her son BILLY two months ago. The FIGHT CLUB actress says having a child with director lover TIM BURTON has...

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Pitt's Fight Club Turn Triumphs In Cool List

28th November 2003

Hollywood star BRAD PITT's anarchy-driven hunk TYLER DURDEN has been hailed the coolest character in movie history. Pitt's portrayal of the ultra-confident Durden in 1999's hit film FIGHT CLUB opposite EDWARD FURLONG has been...

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Love: Norton's Covering Up His Real Feelings For Me

22nd October 2003

COURTNEY LOVE has accused her ex-boyfriend EDWARD NORTON of criticising her to cover up his real feelings for the troubled rocker. The FIGHT CLUB actor urged Love to seek help for substance abuse problems...

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Rob Thomas Targeted For Movie Career

30th September 2003

MATCHBOX TWENTY frontman ROB THOMAS has been inundated with offers to change his career direction and become a movie actor. Film producers in Hollywood are scrambling for the opportunity to utilise the rocker's allure...

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Jared Laughs Off Britney Rumours

28th August 2003

Actor JARED LETO is highly amused by reports he's dating pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS, after merely running into the singer at a party. Tabloids across the globe leaped at the opportunity to print pictures...

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Britney Dates Jared Leto

19th August 2003

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS has found the ultimate way to get back at ex-lover JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and his new squeeze CAMERON DIAZ - she's dating the actress' ex-fiance JARED LETO. Britney was reportedly left...

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Fincher Eyes Lookout Project

12th August 2003

FIGHT CLUB filmmaker DAVID FINCHER is in negotiations to direct new thriller LOOKOUT. The project, which has been in development for a while, has caught the attention of 'A' list stars BRAD PITT, TOM...

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Farrell Set For Leto Romance

11th August 2003

Hollywood hunks COLIN FARRELL and JARED LETO will be indulging in a passionate romance as part of their new epic film ALEXANDER. Farrell, who will play Macedonian conqueror ALEXANDER THE GREAT in the OLIVER...

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Brad Pitt Walks Out On Mr And Mrs Smith

6th August 2003

LATEST: Hollywood superstar BRAD PITT has pulled out of upcoming film MR AND MRS SMITH - just weeks after co-star NICOLE KIDMAN quit due to "scheduling problems". The FIGHT CLUB hunk was supposed to...

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Norton And Hayek Split Turns Ugly

5th August 2003

Former couple EDWARD NORTON and SALMA HAYEK are going through an acrimonious break-up - if the FIGHT CLUB actor's conduct is anything to go by. The one-time sweethearts may have put on a united...

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Brad Pitt: I'm Still Smitten With Jen

23rd July 2003

FIGHT CLUB heart-throb BRAD PITT credits wife JENNIFER ANISTON for making him re-evaluate the true meaning of love - and remains smitten with his FRIENDS actress spouse. Besotted Brad is approaching his third wedding...

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Pitt In Cosmetic Surgery Riddle

16th July 2003

Hunky actor BRAD PITT has Hollywood watchers bemused after being spotted visiting an exclusive skin-care clinic in Beverly Hills. The FIGHT CLUB heart-throb was photographed at respected cosmetic surgeon MARK RUBIN's upmarket establishment yesterday...

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Brad Pitt Reveals His Love Of Football

10th July 2003

Hunky movie superstar BRAD PITT is a secret fan of soccer - a passion encouraged by actor friend and former professional footballer VINNIE JONES. The FIGHT CLUB actor used to play the sport at...

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Brad Pitt: Too Picky For Movies

3rd July 2003

Hunky actor BRAD PITT is unconcerned with cash - he picks his roles purely based on the people he'll be working with. The brooding FIGHT CLUB actor has done little work in the past...

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Crouching Tiger Tops Best Fight Scene Poll

3rd July 2003

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON's stunning fight scenes have been voted the best in cinema history, beating off competition from STAR WARS and ROCKY. The gravity-defying martial arts battles in ANG LEE's celebrated 2000 movie...

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Pitt Craves Jen's Cookies

27th June 2003

Actor BRAD PITT has been having black moods on the set of his new film TROY - because he misses his wife's cookies so much. The FIGHT CLUB heart-throb has been having withdrawal symptoms...

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Jennifer Aniston: The Lucky Girl

17th June 2003

Pretty THE GOOD GIRL actress JENNIFER ANISTON thanks her lucky stars to have found a man like BRAD PITT, who accepts her warts and all. The slender star says her handsome husband, who features...

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Brad Pitt: Domestic God

12th June 2003

JENNIFER ANISTON is married to the perfect man - her superstar husband BRAD PITT even does their housework. FRIENDS star Jennifer doesn't have to employ a maid or a gardener because her FIGHT CLUB...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail Tops New Cult Poll

10th June 2003

British comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL has topped a fresh poll of cult movie classics - after the public answered the critics back. In an original list put together last month...

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Ed Norton Defends 25th Hour's Ground Zero Scenes

24th April 2003

FIGHT CLUB actor ED NORTON has defended his new film's use of New York's GROUND ZERO, the site of the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. The SPIKE LEE directed 25TH HOUR uses the...

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Bum Rush For Brad Pitt

17th April 2003

A new exhibit of Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT is to go on show at London waxwork museum MADAME TUSSAUD'S - which will allow fans to squeeze his bum. The new likeness of the OCEAN'S...

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