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Kevin Costner Returns To Field Of Dreams To Play Catch With His Sons

15th June 2014

Kevin Costner celebrated Father's Day a little early this weekend (13Jun14) by returning to the site of his hit film Field Of Dreams to play catch with his sons.In celebration of the baseball movie’s 25th...

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Kevin Costner Joins The Cleveland Indians For A Day

25th June 2013

Field Of Dreams star Kevin Costner became an honorary member of the Cleveland Indians baseball team on Sunday (23Jun13) after he was invited to step up to the plate for batting practice.The Hollywood actor has...

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Kevin Costner To Play Football Boss In Star-studded Sports Movie

19th April 2013

Field Of Dreams and Tin Cup star Kevin Costner is switching sports to play a troubled football general manager in a new movie.The actor will lead the cast of Draft Day, which will also feature...

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Field Of Dreams Property Sells

1st November 2011

The property featured in Kevin Costner's iconic baseball movie Field Of Dreams has been snapped up by investors who plan to turn the site into a sporting mecca.The Iowa land was put on the market...

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Taylor Lautner Pokes Fun At Football Crisis In Spoof Field Of Dreams Sequel Trailer

6th July 2011

Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner has shot a spoof remake of Kevin Costner's 1989 baseball drama Field Of Dreams, poking fun at the ongoing American football lockout.The joke trailer, which has been posted on the

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Costner Turned Down Field Of Dreams Offer

17th May 2010

FIELD OF DREAMS star KEVIN COSTNER has turned down the chance to own the famous baseball diamond featured in the hit film.The actor cemented his status as a movie star with his role in the...

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Field Of Dreams Property Up For Sale

14th May 2010

Fans of KEVIN COSTNER's iconic baseball film FIELD OF DREAMS now have a chance to own a piece of movie history - the baseball field where it was filmed has been put up for sale.The...

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Field Of Dreams Celebration Called Off

10th February 2009

The couple who own the site KEVIN COSTNER's character called home in baseball film FIELD OF DREAMS have abandoned plans to stage a celebration to mark the 20th anniversary of the film.Donald and Becky Lansing...

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The Things They Say 9054

1st August 2008

"It starts off as an American classic, but right at the end - just like FIELD OF DREAMS - feelings bubble up that you really didn't think were possible. If we did it correctly, it...

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Fascinating Fact 4065

10th October 2007

BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON were paid $30 (GBP15) each to play baseball game extras in beloved 1989 sports movie FIELD OF DREAMS....

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Costner Thrills Fans At Field Of Dreams

14th August 2006

LATEST: KEVIN COSTNER returned to the home of his hit baseball movie FIELD OF DREAMS as part of a touring movie roadshow on Friday (11AUG06). More than 5,000 fans watched the 51-year-old perform a concert...

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Costner Returning To Field Of Dreams

2nd August 2006

KEVIN COSTNER is set to return to the home of his hit baseball movie FIELD OF DREAMS as part of a touring movie roadshow. The 51-year-old will perform a concert in Dyersville, Iowa, on 11...

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Costner's Hairstylist Accused Of Photo Theft

16th December 2005

International hair guru PASCAL BENSIMON has been accused of stealing KEVIN COSTNER's laptop computer, which included private photographs of the actor's 2004 wedding. Bensimon, 44, surrendered to Aspen, Colorado police this week (ends16DEC05) after...

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Et The Saddest Scene

14th February 2005

The moment in ET when the extra terrestrial leaves ELLIOTT to return to his spaceship has been voted the most emotional scene in movie history. A poll of 70,000 voters for British TV network...

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Hackman Film Tops Sports Poll

30th June 2004

GENE HACKMAN's 1986 basketball epic HOOSIERS has topped a new poll of sports movies in America. The film, about a down-and-out coach who leads his college team to victory, beat boxing classic RAGING BULL...

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Raging Bull Top Sporting Film

5th December 2003

ROBERT De NIRO's 1980 film RAGING BULL has been crowned the best sporting movie ever in a new poll. De Niro, 60, won a Best Actor OSCAR for his portrayal of boxer JAKE LA...

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Terms Of Endearment Tops New Weepies List

24th November 2003

Multi-OSCAR-winner TERMS OF ENDEARMENT has been named the Greatest Tearjerker movie of all time in a new list of weepies. The 1983 film, which garnered Oscars for its stars SHIRLEY MACLAINE and JACK NICHOLSON...

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