Northern Irish punk icon-turned-music executive Feargal Sharkey has called for the British government to invest more money in the creative industries.
The former The Undertones frontman - who now heads up UK Music, a group which speaks out for the commercial music industry - is urging officials to recognise emerging talents for their money-making potential and plough more cash into the arts.
In a column for Britain's Daily Mirror, Sharkey writes, "From Adele, Muse, Mumford & Sons and Dizzee Rascal to The King’s Speech, Wallace & Gromit, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Grand Theft Auto, Britain remains home to some of the world’s most artistic people.
"Our creative industries employ around two million people who export over £16 billion of goods every year.
"But these events rely on new artists coming through and investment in that talent by managers, music publishers, record labels and others.
"Creative industries have been shortlisted by the Government as an economic sector with potential to drive short and medium-term growth. But key to its success is access to finance... If we can’t get funding, then our creative sector will never reach its potential."