Ok, so this probably isn't going to become a serious feature, but our favourite criminal of the week is undoubtedly Matthew Andrew Clark, 29, who stole a 13lb bass from an Aquarium before pretending he'd caught it in a regular pond to win a fishing competition, reports BBC News.

The fisherman - who initially won the £800 prize at the Bailiwick Bass Club Competition in July 2012 - has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service. He admitted theft and fraud at an earlier hearing, despite denying stealing the fish at an earlier hearing. Passing the sentence, Judge Phillip Robey said Mr Clark's acts had been "mean to the aquarium and anglers," while the fisherman's advocate Sam Maindonald said his client regretted stealing the fish and had no idea why he did it. 

As well as the community service, Clark was discharged on condition of taking an oath of good behaviour for two years. Should he break the terms of the discharge, he would undoubtedly face a prison sentence.