Kevin Conroy is for many the best actor to have ever taken on the role of the Caped Crusader, Batman himself. Voicing the hero in 'Batman: The Animated Series' ever since his debut all the way back in 1992, as well as lending his talents to a number of animated films and other extensions of the Batman franchise, he has a voice that many households around the world would be able to recognise in a second.

Kevin Conroy at San Diego Comic ConKevin Conroy at San Diego Comic Con

Though he's never moved to live-action, Conroy obviously has a lot of content to draw back on when he thinks about his career. That's exactly what he did when he was chatting in a new interview.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Conroy said of his favourite episode: "I got to create Thomas Wayne’s voice, which was a really fun challenge in addition to bringing the episode’s incredible story to life. The wonderful thing about playing a character like Bruce Wayne is that you get to explore his damaged psychology. I love the scripts that examine his internal makeup. ‘Perchance to Dream,’ the movie Mask of the Phantasm, they really dig into this man and what led him to become Batman."

Though it's hugely memorable for Conroy, the answer may be shocking to fans who have been through the entirety of 'The Animated Series', because there are a lot more memorable moments to draw upon. Still, the challenge for Conroy to voice not only Bruce Wayne, but his father, would have been a major milestone for his career; especially so when it came so early on.

One of Conroy's more-recent projects was 'Batman and Harley Quinn'; a movie based on the titular characters, whilst he's also played Wade Brewster aka Eclipse in the upcoming TV movie 'Relatively Super'. We can't wait to see where his talents take him next.

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