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Cameron Crowe Marks 30th Anniversary Of Fast Times At Ridgemont High

14th August 2012

Director Cameron Crowe has marked the 30th anniversary of his coming-of-age cult comedy Fast Times At Ridgemont High by thanking the movie's cast and crew for all of the great memories.The filmmaker adapted his 1981...

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Penn And Fast Times Cast To Reunite At Awards Show

3rd June 2011

Sean Penn will reunite with his Fast Times At Ridgemont High castmates and director on Saturday (04Jun11) when the high school comedy is inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame at Spike TV’s Guys...

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The Things They Say 11639

18th March 2009

"I can do the rap from REVENGE OF THE NERDS and all of JEFF SPICOLI's dialogue from (FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH)." GWYNETH PALTROW admits she's hooked on teen movies....

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The Things They Say 9085

5th August 2008

"Who would have thought I'd play a SPICOLI-like character and then make out with Spicoli in the same year?" Actor JAMES FRANCO on playing a stoner similar to SEAN PENN's Spicoli character in FAST TIMES...

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Sportscaster/film Star Nahan Dead At 81

28th December 2007

Beloved Los Angeles sportscaster STU NAHAN, who played himself in the films FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and ROCKY has died. He was 81. Nahan started his sporting career as a goalkeeper for ice...

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Breakfast Club Is Top High School Film

8th September 2006

Cult movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB has topped a new US poll of the 50 Best High School Movies. The 1985 JOHN HUGHES detention film, which starred MOLLY RINGWALD, EMILIO ESTEVEZ and JUDD NELSON, beat SEAN...

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Top Movie Classics Added To America's National Film Registry

28th December 2005

Basketball documentary HOOP DREAMS, Christmas classic MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and footage of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake are among the 25 new entries into America's National Film Registry....

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Cage Forgives Penn For 'Not An Actor' Remark

12th October 2005

Hollywood star NICOLAS CAGE has forgiven his FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH co-star SEAN PENN for blasting his film choices, insisting he welcomes badly received movies. In 1999, Penn famously declared, "Nic Cage is...

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