The fashionista suicide stunned the beauty world this week, with Ashley Riggitano jumping to her death from the George Washington Bridge. The blond beauty reportedly felt under siege by five enemies whom she barred from her funeral via suicide note (which was left in a Louis Vuitton bag), according to the New York Post.

The fashionista excluded Alison Tinari and four other women from her funeral because of their contentious relationships through the years. A source identified the others as Teresa Castaldo, Beth Bassil, Victoria Van Thunen and Samantha Horneff, all classmates at Midtown's Laboratory Institute of Merchandising. Riggitano, who killed herself on her 22nd birthday on Wednesday, placed her handbag on the walkway at around 4.40pm before leaping from a midway point in the Jersey-bound lanes of the upper level. Prescription drugs including Adderall and Klonopin were found in her bag. The suicide note - written in a girlish cursive on lined paper - sadly revealed the depths of her despair. "To any funeral, these people should not be allowed based upon words and actions," she wrote about the five women.

Miss Riggitano had been working as an intern for the New York-based jewellery and fashion designer Alex Woo. In a phone interview with the Daily Mail, Woo said everyone at the company was stunned by the news, "She always had a smile on her face,' she didn't look depressed."