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Jim Carrey Makes A Spectacular Return In 'Dumb And Dumber To', But Who Really Is Dumber?

By Holly Williams | 4th November 2014

It's a question that no doubt every 'Dumb and Dumber' fan has considered at some point; one of them had got to be dumber than the other, right? But which one? Jim Carrey and his...

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Jeff Daniels: "Forget The Dumb And Dumber Toilet Scene, That's Nothing!"

By Michael West | 24th September 2013

Jeff Daniels has teased a couple of details about the forthcoming Dumb & Dumber sequel, claiming directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly are ready to gross out the audience more than they did with the original's...

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Dumb And Dumber To Will Be A 'Masterpiece'

20th June 2013

Peter Farrelly says 'Dumb And Dumber To' is ''a little masterpiece''.The comedy sequel - which is set to be filmed this summer - will see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles as hapless...

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Peter Farrelly: 'Studio Bosses Holding Up Dumb And Dumber Sequel'

25th January 2013

Filmmaking duo the Farrelly Brothers are still waiting on movie executives' final approval to proceed with their planned Dumb And Dumber sequel.Peter and Bobby Farrelly are keen to reboot the 1994 comedy about two dim-witted...

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Jim Carrey Is Down For Dumb And Dumber Sequel

4th August 2012

After years of speculation, it looks as though Jim Carrey will be reuniting with his half-witted side kick Jeff Daniels to take on the roles of the seriously dumb (and dumber) Lloyd Christmas and Harry...

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Can 'The Hunger Games' Make It Five In A Row?

17th April 2012

'The Hunger Games' continued its dominance of the U.S. Box Office at the weekend, topping the chart for the fourth week in a row with takings of $21.5 million. The sci-fi epic, starring Jennifer Lawrence...

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The Hunger Games Reigns Supreme With Fourth Box-office Win

16th April 2012

The Hunger Games retained the No.1 spot at the box office for the fourth consecutive weekend, collecting an additional $21.5 million to add to its total gross of $337.1 million. The fantasy sci-fi movie has...

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The Hunger Games Eyes Fourth Straight Box Office Victory

13th April 2012

This weekend looks to be a slow one for the US box office and industry insiders have predicted that The Hunger Games will take the crown once more, for the fourth week in a row....

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The Three Stooges Reviews Are In: 'I Didn't Laugh Much.'

12th April 2012

Reviews have started to come in for the Farrelly Brothers modern revisioning of The Three Stooges. The response so far has been mixed, but the general gist suggests that the directorial pair may have fallen...

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Farrelly Brothers On The Three Stooges: The Funniest Guys Of Our Lifetime

11th April 2012

The new movie from the Farrelly Brothers, The Three Stooges, is a modern re-working of the Vaudeville characters that originally became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Talking to Associated Press, Pete Farrelly - one...

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Dumb And Dumber 2 Versus Anchorman 2: Which Will Be Better?

4th April 2012

Peter Farrelly (one half of the directorial partnership, the Farrelly brothers) has announced that filming for Dumb and Dumber 2 will commence in September 2012. The sequel to the 1994 film, starring Jim Carrey and...

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Dumb And Dumber 2 To Shoot In September With Jim Carrey

3rd April 2012

Dumb and Dumber 2 will begin shooting in September this year after the Farrelly Brothers confirmed they would be trying their hand at a sequel for the very first time. There has always been a...

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Sofia Vergara Topples Blake Lively; Voted Most Desirable Woman Of The Year 2012

31st January 2012

US Magazine have revealed today that Sofia Vergara has been voted the Most Desirable Woman of 2012, by She takes the crown from the Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively who won in 2011. She...

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Jennifer Hudson Accepted Stooges Role For Mum

25th November 2011

Jennifer Hudson signed up for a role in the Farrelly Brothers' new Three Stooges movie as a tribute to her late mother, who loved the slapstick trio.The Oscar-winner will show off her comedic talents when...

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Jennifer Hudson Treated For Food Poisoning

10th June 2011

Jennifer Hudson, the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer, was briefly treated for food poisoning at a New York hospital today (10th June 2011). Jennifer Hudson was reportedly suffering from "severe abdominal pains" following her live performance...

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Jane Lynch To Appear In Three Stooges

28th April 2011

Jane Lynch has signed on for the 'Three Stooges' movie.The 'Glee' actress has agreed to appear in the film as the long-suffering Mother Superior of the orphanage where the titular characters grew up, who has...

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Sofia Vergara In Talks For Three Stooges Movie

7th April 2011

Sexy Sofia Vergara is in talks to play the leading lady in the Farrelly Brothers' new Three Stooges movie.The actress is slated to join Sean Hayes and Will Sasso as Larry and Curly in the...

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Jim Carrey For Dumb And Dumber Sequel?

8th March 2011

Jim Carrey could come on board for a follow-up to 'Dumb and Dumber', according to the film's director Bobby Farrelly.The director - who produced the comedy telling the tale of intellectually-challenged duo Lloyd Christmas and...

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Irons Appeals For Comedy Work With Farrelly Brothers

24th February 2011

JEREMY IRONS has his sights set on starring in a quirky comedy by the FARRELLY BROTHERS after meeting them during an appearance on U.S. talk show LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON.The Oscar winner was joined...

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Farrelly Brothers Want Cher For Stooges

17th February 2011

Quirky moviemakers the FARRELLY BROTHERS want CHER to play a scary nun in their THREE STOOGES movie.Peter and Bobby Farrelly insist the Burlesque star, who played herself in their film Stuck on You, would be...

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Farrellys Step Up Hunt For The Three Stooges

3rd December 2010

The FARRELLY BROTHERS are stepping up their hunt for actors to play THE THREE STOOGES in their new movie after failing to find replacements for JIM CARREY and SEAN PENN.Carrey and Penn both bowed out...

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Berry Plays For Laughs With Prosthetics

4th November 2010

HALLE BERRY has shown off her sense of humour on the set of the FARRELLY BROTHERS' latest movie TRUTH OR DARE - by donning a huge prosthetic face and a pair of pendulous fake breasts.The...

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Heartbreak Kid Tops UK Box Office

9th October 2007

Ben Stiller's new comedy The Heartbreak Kid has reached the top of the UK box office chart after its opening weekend.Ending the month-long run of Run, Fatboy, Run at number one, the Farrelly Brothers film...

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Movie Reviews: The Heartbreak Kid

5th October 2007

The Heartbreak Kid, starring Ben Stiller and directed by the Farrelly brothers, is a remake of a 1972 movie by the same name that starred Charles Grodin, was written by Neil Simon, and was directed...

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Parker And Stone Brush Off The Ringer Accusations

21st December 2005

LATEST: TREY PARKER and MATT STONE have brushed off accusations they stole the concept to the FARRELLY BROTHERS' upcoming movie THE RINGER and incorporated it into a 2004 SOUTH PARK show. Screenwriter RICK BLITT...

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Farrelly Bros Accuse South Park Creators Of Stealing Idea

21st December 2005

The FARRELLY BROTHERS have accused SOUTH PARK creators TREY PARKER and MATT STONE of stealing their movie idea for an episode of the hit animated show. According to US publication Daily Variety, DUMB AND...

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Fever Pitch Renamed In British

6th July 2005

The FARRELLY BROTHERS' baseball comedy FEVER PITCH has been renamed THE PERFECT CATCH for British audiences. The Farrellys are the second movie-makers to adapt British novelist NICK HORNBY's best-selling book, but changed the subject...

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Barrymore Perfects Vomiting Scenes With Mushroom Soup

18th April 2005

DREW BARRYMORE is determined to become Hollywood's vomit queen after spending years perfecting the art of being sick on film. The actress has a vomiting scene in new FARRELLY BROTHERS movie FEVER PITCH and...

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Damon Gushes About New Love

20th January 2004

Hollywood star MATT DAMON has finally opened up about his true feelings for his STUCK ON YOU co-star EVA MENDES. Since meeting during filming of the FARRELLY BROTHERS movie, Damon and Mendes have...

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Jack On Top

15th December 2003

JACK NICHOLSON's acclaimed new romantic comedy, in which he falls for DIANE KEATON, has toppled TOM CRUISE's action film THE LAST SAMURAI at the American box office. The new film, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, made...

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