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Foxx + Bentley Help Thug Find Job

16th July 2008

JAMIE FOXX and FARNSWORTH BENTLEY's new reality show, FROM G's TO GENTS, is already a big success as far as one desperate contestant is concerned. The man came to the Oscar winner and Sean 'Diddy'...

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The Things They Say 2266

16th June 2006

"I had a high level of responsibility - making sure security was in place, staying abreast of new cold medicines, and shopping to make sure he had all the hottest stuff." FARNSWORTH BENTLEY reveals his...

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Barrymore Misses Diaz's South American Trip

13th April 2005

DREW BARRYMORE was forced to sit out of pal CAMERON DIAZ's TV travel trip to Chile and Patagonia - because she was suffering from an earache. The actress joined her CHARLIE'S ANGELS co-star for...

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Diddy Hunting For A New Butler

11th October 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is searching for a new butler, and he specifically wants a white man. Diddy enjoyed the services of FARNSWORTH BENTLEY, who is black, for quite some time -...

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Diddy's Butler Signs With West

23rd September 2004

SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMB's former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY is adding to his impressive resume by signing to pal KANYE WEST's new record label. The smartly-dressed personality has already launched fashion and umbrella lines, a...

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P Diddy Wants Diana's Butler

24th June 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is reportedly desperate to hire late British royal PRINCESS DIANA's former assistant PAUL BURRELL as his new butler. Diddy's former assistant FARNSWORTH BENTLEY quit his job to become...

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Bloom Tops Bachelor List

17th June 2004

ORLANDO BLOOM has been named America's sexiest bachelor in PEOPLE magazine's annual hunks list. The LORD OF THE RINGS star claimed the cover on the new magazine, beating stars like TOM CRUISE, COLIN FARRELL,...

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Diddy's Butler Lays Down Tracks

11th June 2004

SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY is planning to hit the charts with a little help from pals ANDRE 3000 and KANYE WEST. The stylish sidekick, who recently launched his own line...

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J.lo Misses Her Own Launch

25th May 2004

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is such a busy woman she didn't even bother to attend the launch party for her new lingerie line this week (begs24MAY04). The GIGLI beauty, 33, was scheduled to make an...

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Diddy's Butler Joins Diaz In Chile

4th May 2004

P DIDDY's former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY was flabbergasted when CAMERON DIAZ asked him to join her on an MTV project in Chile, and even offered to help him pack. The movie star insisted that...

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P Diddy's Bentley: I'm An Assistant Not A Butler

26th March 2004

Former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY is sick of being referred to as SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' manservant - claiming his correct job title was assistant. When graduate Bentley, 28, worked as the hip-hop honcho's right-hand...

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Former Butler Takes Credit For Diddy's Fashion Overhaul

26th March 2004

Hip-hop star SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS owes his flamboyant dress sense to former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY. Fashion conscious Bentley stands out in the notoriously homophobic world of hip hop, with his camp clothing and...

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Butler Bentley Lands Courvoisier Deal

24th March 2004

SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' former butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY has been signed up as cognac company COURVOISIER's new spokesman. The beverage company's bosses claim the new OUTKAST video star represents "high style". It's set...

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Diddy's Butler Designs Umbrella Range

31st October 2003

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' butler FARNSWORTH BENTLEY has set up his own business, designing luxury umbrellas. Bentley, who has been photographed in the past shielding his boss's head from the sun, has...

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Diddy Gets Running On Mtv - With A Mohawk

23rd October 2003

P DIDDY prepared for his upcoming New York Marathon bid by jumping on a treadmill and running for the duration of yesterday's (22OCT03) MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE. The rap mogul hopped on the...

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