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Gruffudd Offers Beckham Acting Lessons

14th February 2007

FANTASTIC FOUR star IOAN GRUFFUDD is offering his services to DAVID BECKHAM when the two Brits become neighbours in Los Angeles - in exchange for soccer tips. The Welsh actor is thrilled by the news...

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Alba And Cruise To Team Up?

23rd January 2007

Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba will be starring in a new horror movie produced by Tom Cruise.The Eye will be a Hollywood remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film, Jian Gui, were Allison, to be...

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Snow Shuts Fantastic Four Sequel Down

28th November 2006

Filming on the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel in Vancouver, Canada was shut down yesterday (27NOV06) - by a snowstorm. Cast members IOAN GRUFFUDD, JESSICA ALBA, CHRIS EVANS and MICHAEL CHIKLIS were told to stay in their...

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Gruffudd Backs Factory Workers After Turnaround

27th November 2006

LATEST: Welsh actor IOAN GRUFFUDD is backing workers at Burberry after the fashion house announced it is to move its factory from Wales to China. The FANTASTIC FOUR star is the face of the British...

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Unauthorized Spidey Trailer Hits The Web

13th November 2006

Following complaints from fans that the new Spider-Man 3 trailer -- officially released last week on the Internet, on TV, and in movie theaters -- lacked any look at the film's villain, an earlier but...

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Burberry Workers Slam 'Unsupportive' Gruffudd

10th November 2006

LATEST: Welsh actor IOAN GRUFFUDD has been blasted by workers at fashion house Burberry, after he failed to support their bid to save a factory in his native country. The FANTASTIC FOUR star is...

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Fascinating Fact 2278

23rd October 2006

Pop star NICK LACHEY's new girlfriend, VANESSA MINNILLO, is set to follow his ex-wife, JESSICA SIMPSON, into the movies after landing a role in the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel. Pretty Minnillo is currently a TV show...

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Superheroes Born Out Of Discrimination

17th October 2006

Classic comic superheroes SPIDER-MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR were born out of bigotry - according to their creator STAN LEE. Lee created the characters for Marvel Comics during the sixties, and the...

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Alba Turned Her Back On Religion After Being Branded 'Promiscuous'

11th October 2006

JESSICA ALBA decided to leave her born-again Christian church after religious leaders accused her of being too promiscuous. The FANTASTIC FOUR star insists her multi-ethnic appearance stopped her from being accepted in the Latin community...

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Chris Evans Joining Valderrama For Chips?

4th October 2006

FANTASTIC FOUR star CHRIS EVANS has been cast alongside WILMER VALDERRAMA in the feature film version of the classic TV series CHiPS, according to media reports in the US. Valderrama has signed on for the...

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Galactus To Appear In Fantastic Four Sequel

3rd October 2006

Fox chairman TOM ROTHMAN has given comic book fans the news they all wanted to hear - the giant, planet devouring character GALACTUS will appear towards the end of the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel. FANTASTIC FOUR:...

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Burberry Workers To Target Gruffudd

20th September 2006

Welsh actor IOAN GRUFFUDD is under pressure from Burberry workers in his native country to help keep their fashion factory open. The FANTASTIC FOUR star, who is a spokesmodel for the designer clothing company, could...

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Devil Likely More Profitable Than Superman

5th July 2006

The devil was certainly in the details of the holiday box office, as The Devil Wears Prada surpassed all expectations by taking in $27 million over the weekend and an estimated $39.6 million over the...

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Diesel No Longer Surfing In Fantastic Four Sequel

4th July 2006

VIN DIESEL has missed out on playing comic book hero THE SILVER SURFER - to a computer. The director of THE FANTASTIC FOUR sequel has confirmed the character will be created using computer generated imagery...

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Biel And Evans Break-up

30th June 2006

JESSICA BIEL and CHRIS EVANS have called it quits after dating for more than two years, according to media reports in the US. Biel, who starred in STEALTH and the US TV family drama 7TH...

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Alba To Host Mtv Movie Awards

1st May 2006

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA will host the 2006 MTV Movie Awards on 3 June (06). The 25-year-old star is herself nominated for three awards for her performances in SIN CITY (Sexiest Performance) and FANTASTIC FOUR...

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Alba Slams Mtv For Chimp Kiss

2nd April 2006

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has hit out at MTV bosses for conning her into kissing a chimpanzee for the Most Romantic Moment Award at MTV's Movie Awards. The 24-year-old actress had been filming a special...

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Alone In The Dark And Son Of The Mask Are Top Stinkers

3rd March 2006

Low budget horror film ALONE IN THE DARK left a nasty smell in cinemas last year (05) - it has been dishonoured at the annual Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. The Los Angeles-based Bad Cinema Society...

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Alba Wants To Sue Hefner

1st March 2006

Fiery Latina JESSICA ALBA has threatened Playboy lothario HUGH HEFNER with legal action, insisting the March (06) issue of his magazine suggests she poses "nude or semi-nude". The FANTASTIC FOUR beauty shot off a...

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Revolver Shoots To The Top Of 2005 Turkeys

27th December 2005

Director GUY RITCHIE's REVOLVER has topped a poll of the biggest screen turkeys of 2005. The gangster movie was voted the worst movie this year by members of online UK DVD rental company,...

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Witherspoon Tops Movie Hair Poll

25th October 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON has topped a new Best Hair poll for her look as a ghost in romantic comedy JUST LIKE HEAVEN. The actress beat ALFIE star NIA LONG's locks in ARE WE THERE YET?...

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The Things They Say 296

27th September 2005

"You are strangely more attracted to the guys when they are in their muscle suits... They had extra nice a** and leg muscles." JESSICA ALBA on her FANTASTIC FOUR co-stars....

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Alba Prefers Musicians To Actors

31st August 2005

Hollywood star JESSICA ALBA loved partying at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday (28AUG05), because she feels more relaxed around musicians. The FANTASTIC FOUR beauty admits she doesn't have many actor friends...

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No Dreams Of Jeannie For Alba

30th August 2005

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has laughed off reports she is donning oversized pants and slippers to star in the film remake of I DREAM OF JEANNIE. After big-budget movies THE FANTASTIC FOUR and SIN...

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Norton's Lust For Evans

7th August 2005

Irish TV star GRAHAM NORTON has such a huge crush on movie hunk CHRIS EVANS, the star has even eclipsed Norton's lust for GEORGE EADES. The cheeky gay presenter has always been a fan...

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Tops UK Box Office

4th August 2005

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY has jumped straight in at number one in the UK box office chart, knocking FANTASTIC FOUR down to number three. The TIM BURTON movie, which stars JOHNNY DEPP, took...

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Fantastic Four Wins Over UK Audiences

27th July 2005

Comic book adaptation THE FANTASTIC FOUR has gone straight to the top of the UK box office, knocking animation caper MADAGASCAR off the number one spot. The action movie, starring JESSICA ALBA, IOAN GRUFFUDD,...

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Charlie Still Rules As Mcgregor And Thornton Flop

25th July 2005

EWAN McGREGOR's new futuristic action film THE ISLAND and BILLY BOB THORNTON's baseball comedy BAD NEWS BEARS failed to make a dent in the top three at the US box office this weekend (24JUL05)....

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Chiklis Cast For Beefy Physique

22nd July 2005

MICHAEL CHIKLIS believes he was an obvious choice to play THE THING in FANTASTIC FOUR, because he too is solid and dependable in real life. Chiklis insists that studio bosses couldn't have chosen anyone...

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Chiklis: 'The Thing Is The Best Superhero'

22nd July 2005

MICHAEL CHIKLIS was thrilled when he was offered the role of THE THING in FANTASTIC FOUR because he spent his childhood idolising the superhero. The 41-year-old actor was an avid comic fan as a...

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