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The Things They Say 17160

30th June 2010

"If I'm going to be away from (daughter Honor), it needs to be worth it. I don't want to be away from her doing some big silly movie where I'm running around in a leotard...

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Jessica Alba's Quick Beauty

3rd June 2010

Jessica Alba can put her look together in five minutes.The beautiful actress, who is currently the face of Revlon, says she had to learn to adjust her make-up regime after giving birth to daughter Honor...

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Ryan Phillippe Hoped For Captain America Role

14th May 2010

Ryan Phillippe "would've loved" to have played the lead role in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'. The 35-year-old actor admits the role - which eventually went to 'Fantastic Four' star Chris Evans - would have...

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Jessica Alba Ready For Second Child

6th May 2010

Jessica Alba wants to be a mother again and thinks she "should do it soon".The 'Killer Inside Me' actress has one child, 23-month old daughter Honor Marie, with her husband Cash Warren, but is broody...

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Jessica Alba Campaigning For Education

22nd April 2010

Jessica Alba campaigned to US Congressional leaders yesterday (21.04.10) to help aid better standards of education in Africa. The 'Fantastic Four' recently returned visiting Ghana, Senegal and South Africa with the 1GOAL charity, where she...

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Jessica Alba Previously 'Motivated By Commerce'

16th April 2010

Jessica Alba's previous film choices have been informed by money.The 28-year-old actress - who has had starting roles in 'Fantastic Four', 'Never Been Kissed' and 'Sin City' - admits she now wants to take on...

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Marvel Editor Praises 'Perfect' Captain America Evans

6th April 2010

Marvel boss JOE QUESADA is thrilled CHRIS EVANS has been hired to play comic book superhero CAPTAIN AMERICA on the big screen - calling the FANTASTIC FOUR actor the "perfect" choice.The race to land the...

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Jessica Alba's Adoption Plans

3rd April 2010

Jessica Alba is planning to adopt a child. The 'Fantastic Four' actress - who gave birth to her first daughter, Honor Marie, with husband Cash Warren in June 2008 - said she is eager to...

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Captain America Chris Evans

23rd March 2010

Chris Evans is to star as Captain America. The 28-year-old actor was offered the role last week and according to the Hollywood Reporter he has taken up the opportunity to play the Marvel comic book...

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Evans Lands Captain America Role

20th March 2010

FANTASTIC FOUR star CHRIS EVANS has won the race to become comic book superhero CAPTAIN AMERICA on the big screen, according to industry reports.The actor was among the favourites to land the coveted role, and...

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Ryan Phillippe For Captain America?

16th March 2010

Ryan Phillippe is in talks to play Captain America.The 'Cruel Intentions' star confirmed he is to audition for the lead role in forthcoming superhero movie 'The First Avenger: Captain America' and is hoping he impresses...

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Chiklis Forms Band For Sundance

25th January 2010

FANTASTIC FOUR star MICHAEL CHIKLIS is set to rock the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this week (beg25Jan10) by performing with his band MCB.Chiklis was asked to take care of the soundtrack for his new...

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Most Desirable Woman Emmanuelle Chriqui

19th January 2010

Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui has been named the Most Desirable Woman of 2010.The ' Entourage' actress topped a poll of men, conducted by website, who were asked to name the lady they would most...

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Jessica Alba Happy With Cellulite

14th January 2010

Jessica Alba loves her stretch marks and cellulite.The 'Fantastic Four' actress has learned to love her imperfections because they remind her of the joy she experienced when pregnant with her daughter Honor Marie, now 18...

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Disney Completes Marvel Deal, Makes New One With Stan Lee

1st January 2010

On the last day of 2009, Disney confirmed that it had completed its $4.24-billion acquisition of Marvel Entertainment as Marvel shareholders voted to approve the deal. The studio added frosting to its New Year's celebration...

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Evans Is Stone's Gigolo

6th October 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR actor CHRIS EVANS is trading in his superhero status to become a gigolo in a new SHARON STONE movie.The pair is set to star in new drama Satisfaction, about a male prostitute who...

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Fantastic Father Ioan Gruffudd

10th September 2009

Ioan Gruffudd has become a father for the first time.The 'Fantastic Four' star and his wife, actress Alice Evans, are thrilled after welcoming a daughter into the world on Sunday (06.09.09).Ella Betsi Evans Gruffudd weighed...

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Gruffudd Welcomes First Daughter

10th September 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star IOAN GRUFFUDD is a father of a baby girl - his wife ALICE EVANS has given birth to the couple's first child.The Welsh actor welcomed little Ella Betsi Evans Gruffudd into the...

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The Things They Say 12986

27th July 2009

"You go from being lover to husband, lackey, taxi driver. You just have so many caps on. It's a blessing that I am at home, being able to be there for her. It has been...

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Ioan Gruffudd's Fatherhood Worries

16th July 2009

Ioan Gruffudd has "no idea" what to expect from fatherhood.The 'Fantastic Four' actor, whose wife Alice Evans is pregnant with their first child, admits he is terrified but thrilled at the prospect of being a...

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Ashley Tisdale Admires Alba Curves

6th June 2009

Ashley Tisdale thinks Jessica Alba has the perfect figure.The 'High School Musical' star thinks shapely women are "beautiful" and she would love to have a body like the 'Fantastic Four' star.She said: "I like curves...

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Gruffudd To Be Father

21st April 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star IOAN GRUFFUDD's wishes have come true - he is set to become a first time father. The Welsh actor admitted last year (08) he was desperate to start his own brood with wife,...

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The Things They Say 11355

22nd February 2009

"I always thought bigger movies could be a more enriching experience, and that was really stupid of me. When the budget is over a certain amount, it has to be a certain kind of movie....

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Chiklis Heading To Olympus

10th February 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star MICHAEL CHIKLIS is creating a graphic novel series based on the Greek gods.Olympus will follow the story of ancient Greek deities who return to a ravaged, chaotic present-day Earth where they battle...

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The Things They Say 11163

10th February 2009

"I don't cry much in my daily life, but I'm a pushover for stuff onscreen. When I saw AMERICAN BEAUTY I was with nine dudes. Thank God, I was wearing a hat. I pulled it...

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Evans Was A Sweaty Mess Around Bullock

9th February 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star CHRIS EVANS was once so excited to meet his childhood crush, SANDRA BULLOCK, he went into "meltdown" and had to make a fast escape.The actor was lovestruck with Bullock after watching her...

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Evans Supports Gay Marriage

8th January 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star CHRIS EVANS has come out in support of gay marriage - insisting it is "appalling" for homosexuals in America to be denied the right to wed. Evans, whose younger brother, Scott, is...

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Evans Avoids Gay Bars

7th January 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR star CHRIS EVANS is forced to avoid nights out with his gay brother - in case the press begin to speculate about his own sexuality. The actor's younger brother, Scott, is openly homosexual,...

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UK Film Fans Wish For Invisibility And Time Control

21st September 2008

A new survey has revealed that invisibility is the superpower most British cinemagoers wish they possessed.A poll of some 4,570 users of the video on demand portal revealed that the power to go unseen,...

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Rhys A 'True Friend' To Gruffudd

29th June 2008

Welsh actor MATTHEW RHYS proved his friendship to IOAN GRUFFUDD by looking after the FANTASTIC FOUR star when he was passed out drunk. The Edge of Love star is a close pal of Gruffudd and...

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