Fans of cancelled Bbc Two show The Hour are fighting to get the period drama back on Tv.

More than 7,000 viewers have signed a petition on the website, urging Bbc bosses to reconsider their decision to axe the show after two seasons - and a month after the series was nominated for a Golden Globe award in America.

Alice Stamataki, who launched the petition, says, "Critics and fans from all over the world adore The Hour. It’s gripping, it’s intelligent, it’s incredibly, painfully relevant. It’s a sophisticated show for a discerning audience.

"I couldn’t just sit idly by and watch it go down without a fight. Its poor viewing figures were more down to lacklustre Bbc promotion, rather than anything to do with the show itself."

Announcing the decision to cut the show, starring Dominic West as a 1950s newsman, earlier this week (beg11Feb13), a Bbc spokesman said, "We loved the show but had to make some hard choices to bring new shows through."

Last month's (Jan13) Golden Globe nomination was one of four The Hour picked up during its run on Bbc America.