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Famke Janssen: Men Are Threatened By Me In Hollywood

3rd October 2012

Famke Janssen says men are ''threatened'' by her in Hollywood. The 47-year-old actress - who played Bond Girl Xenia Onatopp in 1995 movie 'GoldenEye' - believes some male actors in the industry don't feel comfortable...

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Famke Janssen Refuses To Have Cosmetic Surgery

1st October 2012

Actress Famke Janssen is refusing to follow the Hollywood cosmetic surgery trend because she is terrified of going under the knife.The 48-year-old X-Men star, who has embraced writing and directing in recent years, insists she...

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Famke Janssen's Claustrophobia Causes Problems For Taken 2 Bosses

1st October 2012

Taken 2 producers were forced to hire a stunt double to shoot actress Famke Janssen's kidnap scene because she is extremely claustrophobic.In the sequel to the popular 2009 thriller, the Dutch beauty is abducted by...

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Eli Roth Signs Netflix Deal For New Horror Series

21st March 2012

Eli Roth has signed a deal with Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed today (March 21, 2012), to direct an executive produce one of their forthcoming exclusive content projects. The hour-long horror series will be...

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Famke Janssen Named Global Water Ambassador

13th March 2012

Actress Famke Janssen is helping to raise awareness about the need to conserve water resources as the new global spokesperson for a leading environmental organisation.The X-Men star, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, has been appointed...

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Gemma Arterton Used Blockbusters For Future

12th September 2011

Gemma Arteton agreed to star in blockbusters to gain control of her career.The 25-year-old actress was able to raise her profile by appearing in movies like 'Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time' and 'Clash...

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Famke Janssen To Play Head Witch In Hansel And Gretel Movie

9th February 2011

Famke Janssen has joined the cast of 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters'. The actress it the latest casting confirmation for the movie, which sees Gemma Arterton play Gretel opposite Jeremy Renner's Hansel, and Famke will...

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The L Word Heading To Prison

15th January 2009

Lesbian TV drama THE L WORD is set for a prison-based spin-off, featuring former Bond girl FAMKE JANSSEN. The final season of the show premieres this weekend (18Jan09), but producers are already planning a follow-up...

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Janssen Not Ready For Motherhood

12th May 2008

Actress FAMKE JANSSEN has no plans to become a Hollywood mum - because she's too devoted to her pet dog. The former Bond girl admits her four nieces help to satisfy every maternal yearning the...

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Fisher Tops 'Nerd Crush' List

28th February 2007

CARRIE FISHER has topped a new internet poll to find the Hottest Nerd Crush of all time. The actress' portrayal of PRINCESS LEIA in STAR WARS beat GILLIAN ANDERSON's X-FILES detective DANA SCULLY in the...

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Friel Stars Alongside Baby Daughter

31st October 2006

ANNA FRIEL's baby daughter GRACIE will make her acting debut at the age of just 16 months, starring alongside the actress in her next movie. Friel Sr only landed the role of 16th century murderess...

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Cumming Lusts After Jackman

27th October 2006

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING found X2 co-star HUGH JACKMAN so sexy he couldn't resist harassing him on set. The pair starred alongside PATRICK STEWART, HALLE BERRY, FAMKE JANSSEN and SIR IAN MCKELLEN in the hit...

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Bond's Best Hark Back To Old Classics

21st July 2006

Modern offerings from suave superspy JAMES BOND have been shunned in favour of old classics in a new poll of the best car chase, girl, gadget and villain in the hit franchise. SIR SEAN CONNERY's...

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Janssen's Family Went To Naked Camps

7th June 2006

X-MEN star FAMKE JANSSEN wasn't embarrassed when she saw co-star SIR IAN MCKELLEN naked, because she grew up in a family that regularly attends nude camps. The beautiful brunette star was raised in liberal Amsterdam,...

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Famke's Doggy Designs

4th June 2006

X-MEN beauty FAMKE JANSSEN has launched her own clothing range for dogs. When she's not filming, the animal lover spends her spare time making accessories for her pooch LICORICE - who even appears in X2...

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Janssen Wants Romantic Bedtime Stories

31st May 2006

X-MEN star FAMKE JANSSEN is looking for the perfect guy who will read her to sleep every night. The model-turned-actress insists she wants very little from her Mr Right - a romantic, who can make...

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Janssen: 'Craig Will Be A Great Bond'

2nd May 2006

Former BOND girl FAMKE JANSSEN is convinced DANIEL CRAIG will excel in the role of the British superspy, despite being sad PIERCE BROSNAN is no longer playing the part. The 40-year-old made her breakthrough starring...

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Brosnan Regrets Not Romancing Bellucci And Thurman As Bond

7th November 2005

PIERCE BROSNAN has one major regret after losing the coveted JAMES BOND role - he didn't romance actresses MONICA BELLUCCI or UMA THURMAN. The Irishman charmed DENISE RICHARDS, FAMKE JANSSEN, TERI HATCHER and HALLE...

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Ben Foster Joins X3

20th July 2005

Actor BEN FOSTER has been added to the cast of the anticipated third instalment in the X-MEN franchise. Foster, ex-boyfriend of KIRSTEN DUNST, will play the mutant ARCHANGEL in X3, which also features newcomers...

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Grammer To Play Blue Beast In X-men 3

18th May 2005

Fans of KELSEY GRAMMER are set to find him tough to recognise in his next project - he's playing a furry blue monster in the second X-MEN sequel. In X-MEN 3, the former FRASIER...

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Jones Joins X-men 3 Cast

18th April 2005

LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star VINNIE JONES is the latest star to join the cast of sequel X-MEN 3 - but he has to wear a rubber suit to boost his physique....

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Janssen's Character Returns From The Dead For X-men 3

6th April 2005

Dutch actress FAMKE JANSSEN has signed up to reprise her X-MEN role in the movie franchise's third installment - despite her character's death in the previous film. Janssen's psychic character JEAN GREY perished at...

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Famke To Go Bad In X-men 3

28th March 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN is set to double up in the next X-MEN movie - as villain DARK PHOENIX. The Dutch actress' new character will be the alter-ego of her heroic doctor JEAN GREY, who, in...

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Janssen And Day-lewis To Play Superman's Mum + Dad?

10th February 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN and DANIEL DAY-LEWIS are in negotiations to play SUPERMAN's space-age mum and dad, LARA and JOR-EL, in BRYAN SINGER's SUPERMAN RETURNS. KEVIN SPACEY has already signed on to play the comic book...

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Janssen Enjoys Unconditional Love With Pet Dog

6th February 2005

Dutch beauty FAMKE JANSSEN doesn't feel the need to have children, because she shares unconditional love with her pet dog. The X-MEN actress is obsessed with her Boston terrier named LICORICE, who she allows...

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De Niro's Double Victory

2nd February 2005

Veteran actor ROBERT DE NIRO has proved he's still a major force in cinema - he's atop both the UK and US box office charts in two different films. Horror movie HIDE AND SEEK...

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Janssen Finds Dating A 'Struggle'

28th January 2005

X-MEN 2 actress FAMKE JANSSEN blames her movie career for stifling her love life - because she is always away on location. Dating is a "constant struggle" for the 39-year-old Dutch beauty as it...

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Janssen Agreed To Anything For Allen

27th January 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN took a leap of faith when working with WOODY ALLEN on CELEBRITY - the director refused to reveal to her what the film was about. The Dutch actress agreed to appear in...

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Janssen Glad She Didn't Have A Child

27th January 2005

Hollywood star FAMKE JANSSEN is thankful she didn't have children with her ex-husband, director TOD WILLIAMS - because it wouldn't have rescued their already failing marriage. The 39-year-old X-MEN star divorced THE DOOR IN...

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Lucky Bond Girl Janssen Jumps To Help Tsunami Victims

11th January 2005

Former BOND girl FAMKE JANSSEN has recorded a tsunami disaster aid advert in her native Holland after learning her sister and her kids were nearly swept out to sea in the disaster. The model-turned-actress...

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