Faith No More's Roddy Bottum is ''super'' flattered to see so many ''young'' faces at their shows.

The keyboard player admits he has been ''staggered'' by his band's long lasting popularity and the fact they are attracting so many new fans judging by the amount of teenagers at their concerts.

Roddy, 51, told The Sun newspaper: ''I would never have thought we'd have that sort of draw. It surprises me how many young people are there, and that's super flattering.''

The 'Be Aggressive' hitmakers split up in 1998 and it was thought it was over good. However, they returned in 2009 for a reunion tour.

The musician recalled: ''When we started doing the reunion shows, I was surprised that anyone would really be interested.''

He added: ''I felt sure we'd get a handful of people that would come back from the nineties era.''

But he was proved wrong when tickets went online for their London show on June 17, which sold out in minutes.

Faith No More play a sold out gig at London's Roundhouse in Camden on June 17.