If you keep up with gaming related news, then you’ll know that Peter Molyneux is somewhat of a character in the industry. He famously quit Microsoft after receiving numerous lifetime achievement awards, and ventured into his own, independent studio: 22Cans.

Fable LegendsLionhead Studios' Fable Legends

His most famous game was probably Fable, which was popular back on the XBOX, and earned three reiterations and will be reborn again as Fable: Legends for Xbox ONE. He was also responsible for Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park.

Looking back, though, and Molyneux doesn’t have fond memories of Fable III. In fact, he calls the whole thing a “train wreck”.

Fable 1, he says, was okay: "I thought Fable 1- when you consider that it was the first game I ever did of that type - wasn't bad. It was hugely flawed in some senses, and there were technical issues like the animation didn't work, but it wasn't bad," he explained. But Fable III? "I think Fable III was a trainwreck,” admits Molyneux.

“It was built to be much bigger than what it was constrained to be and eventually ended up as. If I had my time again, I'd take the advances we made from Fable 1 to Fable II, I'd make the same advances from Fable II to Fable III and spend another entire year working on Fable III. But would it be that perfect gem that's in my mind? No," he added in an interview with Develop.

Molyneux actually went in to detail about his exit from Microsoft in a the Minecraft documentary, The Story of Mojang. In it, he says that playing Minecraft – and enjoying it so much – helped him form his decision to leave the company under which he brought Fable to the gaming world.

Fable Legends Xbox ONEFable Legends will focus on Co-op play. Image credit: Lionsgate Studios