Punk rocker Harley Flanagan has hit back at allegations he was seeking revenge when he allegedly stabbed his former Cro-mags bandmates before a recent concert in New York, insisting he was acting in self defence.
The hardcore stars were preparing to take the stage at Manhattan's Webster Hall as part of the Cbgb Festival on 6 July (12) when ex-bassist Flanagan reportedly burst into the dressing room.
A fight broke out and bandmates William Berario and Michael Couls were left with knife wounds, while Flanagan was arrested by police on suspicion of assault and weapons possession.
He has now spoken out about the incident, claiming he was the one who came under attack.
Flanagan, 45, maintains he went to Webster Hall to make amends with his former pal, Cro-Mags singer John Joseph, but alleges he was punched in the back of the head as soon as he stepped into the dressing room.
He says, "When I saw that (dressing room) door get pulled shut I was literally fighting for my life. I was afraid these guys were going to kick me half to death, roll me down the back steps and that no one would see it... and there would be no witnesses and that would be that... and all I could think about was getting home safe (sic) to my kids.
"I wanted to save my life, to protect myself and these guys were trying to do me in... I was getting the s**t beat out of me."
Flanagan sustained a stab wound in his leg and was hospitalised following his arrest.