Kim Kardashian made what seemed like a throwaway comment recently, saying that she would leave the weeding planning to fiancé Kanye West. Apparently she was serious about that, though and Kanye West is definitely making the most of his wedding planning carte blanche. "I only got two words in my mind so far, as far as ideas for the wedding go. That's fighter jets," Yeezy said for Power106 recently.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Birthday Party
Currently, Yeezy aims to be the biggest name in fashion.

There was plenty of discussion about West’s music, his work in fashion and his future endeavors. And, as far as this writer is concerned, Kanye is very much on point with his plans. Even so, one week after the engagement announcement, you can bet that there was just one thing on everyone’s mind: wedding, wedding, wedding. It was clear that the rapper hadn’t yet started thinking about any of the details, but when pressed to reveal something, anything at all, he did give a sort-of, maybe, not-very-concrete date. They've given themselves a relaxed timeline, presumably so that both can work on their individual projects.

"It's probably— it's gonna be next summer," he said with a slight stutter.

Beyond that, the interview offered plenty of fascinating insight into Kanye West’s creative process, particularly in terms of fashion, which seems to be his main focus these days. Yeezy does talk up a big game, but there are also quite a few good points that might be worth listening to.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Birthday Party
Judging by his determination, he very well might be, soon enough.