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Lilly Fears Being Broke Again

14th October 2005

EVANGELINE LILLY refuses to take her success on hit US TV show LOST for granted, because she fears becoming a broke actress again. Before the former model hit the big time with Lost, she...

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Fascinating Fact 256

25th September 2005

Sexy LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY lives with her two stand-ins on the TV drama....

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Monaghan Refuses To Confirm His Status With Lilly

20th September 2005

British actor DOMINIC MONAGHAN is refusing to comment on the nature of his relationship with his LOST co-star EVANGELINE LILLY, but promises he plans never to be photographed at a celebrity event with her again....

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Early Lilly Ad Makes Airwaves

8th September 2005

LOST beauty EVANGELINE LILLY's past has come back to haunt her, with commercials she filmed for a dating chat line three years ago being revived on TV. The sexy actress, currently dating her TV...

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Lost Producers Plan Blockbuster Finale

4th September 2005

Producers of hit TV show LOST are planning to end the final series with a movie blockbuster to curb the cast's demands for a pay rise. MATTHEW FOX, EVANGELINE LILLY and DOMINIC MONAGHAN...

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Lilly Dreamed Of Missionary Position

30th August 2005

LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY was determined to be a missionary when she graduated, and never dreamed she would end up as one of the hottest new faces on American television. The 26-year-old actress, who...

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Lilly Refuses To Skinny Dip

29th August 2005

LOST actress EVANGELINE LILLY is refusing to join in with her cheeky co-star MATTHEW FOX's skinny-dipping sessions while filming in Hawaii, despite his determined attempts to persuade her to strip off. The 26-year-old former...

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Lilly Fields Disapproving Parents Over Kissing Scenes

29th August 2005

LOST actress EVANGELINE LILLY receives telephone calls from her parents every time she kisses a man on television, because they don't approve of public displays of affection. While the Canadian actress, 26, is determined...

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Stars Lost Out On Cash

28th August 2005

The cast of new US TV show Lost are angrily demanding a pay rise after discovering the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES cast are paid five times more. MATTHEW FOX, EVANGELINE LILY and DOMINIC MONAGHAN are disgusted...

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Lilly: 'Monaghan Is My Favourite Person'

21st August 2005

LOST beauty EVANGELINE LILLY found fulfillment on the set of the hit TV show, because she fell in love with co-star DOMINIC MONAGHAN. The Canadian actress, 26, still struggles to believe she found true...

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Lilly Praises Monaghan's Attitude To Fame

16th August 2005

LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY is impressed by the way her boyfriend and co-star DOMINIC MONAGHAN deals with fame, as he maintains a perpetually positive approach. The LORD OF THE RINGS actor is spotted wherever...

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Lilly Defends Lost Cast

15th August 2005

LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY has blasted criticism the cast of the hit US TV drama look too glamorous to be real plane crash survivors. The 26-year-old model-turned-actress, who plays KATE AUSTIN in the show,...

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Monaghan's Lost Love Getting Serious

20th May 2005

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN's burgeoning romance with his LOST co-star EVANGELINE LILLY appears to be getting serious. The British actor and Canadian beauty were romantically linked back in January (05) when...

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Love For Hobbit On Lost Set

24th January 2005

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN has reportedly found love with his LOST co-star EVANGELINE LILLY. The British actor, 28, who plays CHARLIE on the hit American desert island drama, escorted his stunning...

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