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Jennifer Lopez Drops F-bomb Whilst Judging 'American Idol' - Live!

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th March 2014

Jennifer Lopez was evidently mortified on Wednesday evening after dropping the F-bomb on live TV. Lopez was judging American Idol and got carried away when commenting on one of the contestant's performances.Jennifer Lopez accidently swore...

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Amy Lee Pours Out Her Heart In Therapy Sessions

18th October 2006

EVANESCENCE star AMY LEE created the hit songs on the group's new album THE OPEN DOOR during a reclusive 10 months, where she locked herself away in her Los Angeles home and only came out...

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Abused Lee Upset She Didn't Follow Clues In Her Own Songs

8th September 2006

EVANESCENCE singer AMY LEE is still mad at herself for staying in an abusive romance with ex BEN MOODY for three years - because her own lyrics were telling her it was time to move...

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