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Mendes Rules Out Plastic Surgery

31st January 2007

Hollywood beauty EVA MENDES will never consider having plastic surgery because she could never allow doctors to invade her body in that way. The Latina actress - who recently (JAN07) admitted any weight she puts...

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Mendes' Embarrassment At Jagger Meeting

31st January 2007

HITCH star EVA MENDES will never forget the moment she met THE ROLLING STONES frontman SIR MICK JAGGER, because she embarrassed herself by professing her love for the ageing rocker. The Latin beauty ran into...

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The Things They Say 3930

31st January 2007

"When I put weight on, it doesn't go to my ass or thighs. It goes straight to my boobs." Actress EVA MENDES makes women everywhere green with envy....

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Mendes Thanks Berry For Great Shape

27th January 2007

Sexy actress EVA MENDES has HALLE BERRY to thank for her slimline look after her fellow Revlon spokesperson turned the HITCH star onto her fitness coach. Berry introduced Mendes to trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK when Mendes...

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Mendes: 'I'm Eating To Make My Breasts Bigger'

18th January 2007

Latina siren EVA MENDES is piling on the pounds to boost her cleavage for new movie GHOST RIDER. The 32-year-old actress will play curvy ROXANNE opposite NICOLAS CAGE's JOHNNY BLAZE in the comic book adaptation...

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Fascinating Fact 2727

17th January 2007

Pop star NICK LACHEY and actress EVA MENDES have been named the Fun Fearless Male and Female of the Year by Cosmopolitan magazine....

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Spears Stylist Distances Herself From Star

11th January 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS has lost two publicists in the last six months and her stylist is the latest person to distance herself from the pop star. The TOXIC singer has been criticised for her recent disheveled...

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Mendes Determined To Give Up Nailbiting In 2007

30th December 2006

Latina siren EVA MENDES is so determined to stick to her annual New Year's resolution she has enlisted the help of hypnosis to conquer her nailbiting problem. The actress reveals she has set herself the...

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Eva's Ghost Rider Nightmares Keep Her From Sleeping

18th December 2006

Sexy Latina EVA MENDES endured countless sleepless nights while making new comic book movie GHOST RIDER, because the creepy film kept giving her nightmares. The actress became so tired she called in a doctor to...

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Foxx Mocks Winfrey's Female Friendship

5th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX left OPRAH WINFREY squirming when he mocked the TV star's relationship with her friend GAYLE KING at a tribute to WILL SMITH on Sunday (03DEC06). The Oscar winner played on rumours suggesting Winfrey...

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Aniston Tops New Hair Poll

23rd November 2006

JENNIFER ANISTON is back at the top of the hair charts after picking up a third of the votes in a new poll to find the Most Wanted Star Hairstyles. The actress sparked a hair...

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The Things They Say 3160

24th October 2006

"I can go 14 to 15 hours straight with no breaks " Actress EVA MENDES admits she loves her beauty sleep

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Rocky Night At Fashion Concert

11th September 2006

Audience members attending the taping of the Fashion Rocks concert in New York City on Thursday night (07SEPT06) were left so furious with the badly produced event, many left before it finished. The all-star extravaganza...

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Fascinating Fact 2058

4th September 2006

EVA MENDES insisted her character in new movie WE OWN THE NIGHT was called AMADA - a tribute to her grandmother.

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Mendes Downs Beer For Seduction Scene

31st August 2006

HITCH star EVA MENDES was so terrified of filming a scene where she seduces BILLY CRUDUP - she had to down an entire beer immediately before the cameras rolled in order to give enough courage....

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Mendes Strips For Flaunt

29th August 2006

Sexy EVA MENDES has bared all for a racy new photospread in US style magazine Flaunt. The actress has resisted offers from Playboy, but she stripped for photographer DON FLOOD's spread and pull-out poster, which...

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Mendes Mad About Red Bull

29th August 2006

HITCH star EVA MENDES was so addicted to energy drink Red Bull her friends had to stage an intervention to get her to cut down on the caffeine-rich beverage. The star found herself working non-stop...

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The Things They Say 2766

29th August 2006

"I would give my left boob to work with him." EVA MENDES dreams of working with director SPIKE LEE.

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Stars Pay Tribute To Madonna

22nd August 2006

MADONNA is the talk of fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle - stars like MARCIA CROSS, SALMA HAYEK and EVA MENDES have paid tribute to the MATERIAL GIRL through a string of anecdotes. InStyle editors asked...

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Mendes Wants Super Powers

29th July 2006

Actress EVA MENDES' role in comic book movie GHOST RIDER has left her yearning for a real life super power. Mendes plays NICOLAS CAGE'S Love interest ROXANNE SIMPSON in the film, based on the Marvel...

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Simpson Recruits Sexy Pals For New Video

15th June 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON has reportedly persuaded sexy pals EVA LONGORIA, JESSICA ALBA, EVA MENDES and CARMEN ELECTRA to don rollerskates for her new music video. The promo for her new single PUBLIC AFFAIR is being shot...

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The Things They Say 2174

6th June 2006

"These lips can kiss. I'm not a cocky girl but I'm a great kisser." EVA MENDES knows how to drive the men wild.

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Mendes Obsessed With Flav's Reality Show

28th May 2006

EVA MENDES is obsessed with reality TV and can't miss an episode of rapper FLAVOR FLAV's show FLAVOR OF LOVE. The Latina beauty's addiction to the programme has only been fuelled by her role in...

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Mendes Victim Of Fake Brother Con

22nd April 2006

Actress EVA MENDES has been targetted by a con artist who has been pretending to be her brother in order to swindle tens of thousands of dollars worth of expensive meals and nights out in...

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Longoria Thrilled She Missed Out On Spanglish

15th April 2006

EVA LONGORIA has PAZ VEGA to thank for her part in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, because if the Spaniard hadn't won the lead in SPANGLISH, the Latina would have missed out on the role of a lifetime....

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Longoria Loves Celebrity Neighbours

2nd March 2006

Actress EVA LONGORIA has a real-life network of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES-style friends living in her neighbourhood - but they're all celebrities. The star lives close to fellow actresses JESSICA ALBA and EVA MENDES and pop star...

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Mendes Denies Phoenix Romance

1st March 2006

Screen beauty EVA MENDES has hit out at rumours she is dating WALK THE LINE star JOAQUIN PHOENIX. The HITCH actress, who is already in a longterm relationship, sparked rumours of a romance with...

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Fascinating Fact 871

20th January 2006

EVA MENDES has the best celebrity body, according to readers of German newspaper Bild. The actress polled more than a quarter of all votes, beating JENNIFER LOPEZ and RACHEL HUNTER. MARIAH CAREY came fourth and...

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Lachey Looking For A Jessica Alba Who Loves Sport

10th January 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's estranged husband NICK LACHEY is narrowing down his search for a new woman after splitting from the singer last year (NOV05) - he wants a JESSICA ALBA look-a-like who has bedded 10 guys...

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Mendes Wants Socks For Christmas

1st December 2005

Sexy actress EVA MENDES has kept her wish list simple for the approaching Christmas holidays - she just wants socks. The HITCH beauty is desperate for something to keep her feet warm, but can...

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