Erin O'Connor's model sanctuary faces closure.

The model is in danger of having to close the sanctuary - which provides "discrete health guidance and educational support to young models"- during London Fashion Week next month, as the building it is currently housed in has become subject to long-term lease.

Erin is now looking for a place the sanctuary can relocate to quickly.

She told "What we're looking for is a self-contained building with separate rooms and a communal space, so that we can hold our confidential forums and discussions.

"There also needs to be a space for our student newspaper to be made. As a non-profit organisation, we are wholly reliant on people's support, but I can personally promise that to restore the space back to its former glory once London Fashion Week is over. I'll be there with paintbrushes and cleaning tools."

Erin founded the sanctuary in 2008 and her centre has become an invaluable resource for models in their "most vulnerable years" - and has given them access to her team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, fitness instructors, psychologists and advisors to ensure their wellbeing.

She added: "The vast amount of feedback we receive each season highlights the importance that has come to be placed on The Model Sanctuary and its growing significance to the fabric of London Fashion Week.

"We are very proud of progress made thus far, but fully appreciate the project has huge scope for further growth and development. I hope we will be able to find a way to allow this exceptional and crucial project to continue."