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Erika Christensen: 'I Will Introduce My Kids To Scientology'

18th January 2013

Traffic star Erika Christensen has heaped praise on the Church of Scientology, insisting she'd have no problems introducing her future kids to the faith.The actress plays a dedicated mum on U.S. family drama Parenthood but...

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Actress Erika Christensen Suffers Broken Arm

6th April 2011

Traffic star Erika Christensen is nursing a broken arm after a recent accident on her bicycle.The actress, who now stars on U.S. TV hit Parenthood, was spotted out in Los Angeles on Tuesday (05Apr11) sporting...

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Traffic Star Christensen Records First Song

8th May 2010

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN has become the latest actress to embark on a music career.The 27 year old recently recorded the first song she wrote after a performance of Etta James' At Last on U.S....

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Scientology Stars Get Festive At Christmas Show

1st December 2006

The Church of Scientology's heavyweights will be getting festive tonight (01DEC06) and tomorrow (02DEC06) to read Christmas stories to kids. Stars including KIRSTIE ALLEY, GIOVANNI RIBISI, KELLY PRESTON and ERIKA CHRISTENSEN will be on hand...

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Christensen Creates Anti-club Nights

25th September 2006

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN has created anti-club party nights at her home in Los Angeles because she hates the idea of hanging out with heavy drinkers. The actress gave up clubbing when she realised most...

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Erika Loves Baring All

23rd September 2006

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN loves getting naked because she's very proud of her body. The pretty actress went topless for a shocking scene in new US TV series SIX DEGREES and admits she really was...

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Fascinating Fact 2141

22nd September 2006

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN is learning how to surf. She says, "I love how I feel after a day at the beach."

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Christensen To Launch Singing Career

29th September 2005

Hollywood actress ERIKA CHRISTENSEN has announced plans to embark on a singing career. The TRAFFIC star has been secretly entertaining pals with her vocal skills for a number of years, and she's now decided...

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The Things They Say 288

27th September 2005

"My brothers and I have a dream to someday buy all of Montana and fill it with trampolines, a helicopter pad and race tracks." TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN aims high....

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Fascinating Fact 260

26th September 2005

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN was once part of a choir which sang back-up on NEIL DIAMOND's version of RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER on a Christmas album....

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Fascinating Fact 240

22nd September 2005

Actress ERIKA CHRISTENSEN didn't have to dig too deep to research her new role as an air stewardess in high-flying new thriller FLIGHT PLAN - her grandmother was one....

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Fascinating Fact 237

22nd September 2005

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN appeared in MICHAEL JACKSON's CHILDHOOD video when she was 12....

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La Club Drug Culture Keeps Erika At Home

29th March 2005

TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN has quit clubbing in Los Angeles because she's sick of watching other revellers indulging in sex, drugs and alcohol. The Scientologist star, a huge fan of salsa dancing, used to...

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Valderrama Hosts Latin-themed Bash

8th February 2005

THAT '70S SHOW star WILMER VALDERRAMA returned to his roots for his 25th birthday, when he threw a huge Latin-themed party in Hollywood. The actor, whose family hails from Venezuela, hosted the bash at...

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Jodie Set For Mile-high Thriller

21st September 2004

JODIE FOSTER's latest movie character is set for every mother's worst nightmare - her child goes missing onboard a aeroplane. The actress will play a widow returning to her native America from England in...

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Christensen: Cruise And I Talk About Scientology

29th January 2004

Rising star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN has found a friend in fellow actor TOM CRUISE - but their main topic of conversation is Scientology not the movies. The TRAFFIC star, 21, has been a devotee of...

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Costner's Project Attracts Bevy Of Beauties

30th April 2003

Movie hunk KEVIN COSTNER has proved he can still charm, by attracting four of Hollywood's up-and-coming beauties to his latest project. Singer-turned-actress MANDY MOORE, TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN, SIX FEET UNDER's LAUREN AMBROSE and...

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Bronte Classic Gets A Musical Twist

22nd April 2003

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, EMILY BRONTE's tragic tale of unrequited love, is set to be remade as an MTV musical. According to Hollywood trade paper HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, TRAFFIC star ERIKA CHRISTENSEN is the latest star to...

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